Did anyone start using their T:Slim before Training?

My training is on Monday, but I was wondering if I should start pumping this weekend so that I have questions for Monday. Not sure. Never pumped before. Thanks!

I would wait. Here’s why:

  1. If you need to make adjustments, to the settings, your endo’s office is not open over the weekend.
  2. Your Tandem rep is available by phone all next week, in case you have a question. That is their job, to help new users. You will likely have a question, but it’s no big deal to make a call when rose thise questions come up.
  3. As a first time pumper, there will be useful things you will learn at the training that will make for a more pleasant experience overall.

As a first time pumper I wouldn't start it before training there's tricks they don't write in the manuals, but definitely read the manual that comes with it and the one on tandems website and see if you have any questions from that.

If you've never pumped before, you really should wait for your training. All of your settings need to be evaluated and you really need to understand how to infuse your sets correctly, among other things. Use the weekend to study YouTube videos, read the manual, and review important things like carb ratios, insulin sensitivity, basal rates, etc. I know it's exciting, but I say wait for your all-important training.

Good points, Nicole.

I think I will wait for my training. Thanks everyone!

You're welcome! BTW... there is an active group of t:slimers on facebook. It's very educational, and new users get great advice from "seasoned" users. Search for Tandem tSlim Pump and ask to join the group. You can use my name if you need a referral: Christi Lucksinger.

Yea I would wait. I start pumping for the first time in Jan..within just a few hours of pumping I had to make adjustments and my wonderful Diabetic educator was in constant contact with me for the first week...texting and by phone. She has the knowledge of what to change and adjust....need to know your C:I ration, your correction factor, ect....trust me. I was overwhelmed once I got hooked up, but she was with me the whole way.....

Good luck pumping!

Good Evening, Anthony, I was in your shoes 48 hours ago, a new pumper and anxious to get going. I spoke with a Tandem rep, hoping there was a phone walkthrough that could help me initiate the pump on my own. However, he quickly advised me to wait until my rep and Doctor were able to sort out the details for training (Which Tandem pays for by the way. Remind your Doctor or rep if someone says otherwise.) I had my training this morning, and I'm REALLY glad I didn't have to figure it out on my own. Though I'm a big DIY kind of guy, my dietician was really informative and supportive through the whole process. Hope that helps.

Same boat is right. My tandem has been on the table for 2 weeks now. But a few more days won’t be too tough. Thanks.

My pump is arriving Wed, 3-5, and I plan to fire it up as soon as it arrives. I have looked at all the Youtube videos, and studied all the t:slim user groups, so I feel I am ready. I have been pumping for 15 years, having used Minimed 507C and Cozmo pumps, so I am not a newbie.

If you have never pumped, it might be better to wait for training.

A bit late for this but I started without training. If you are eager and not too gadget shy it can be done without too much trouble (not saying I'd recommend it though).

I did opt to go ahead and have skype training for it about a month after I was using it (it was just when it all finally got approved.... apparently they don't like to do skype training for first time pumpers... which is understandable) I found the training worthwhile, but not mandatory to get started.