Thanksgiving Dinner-- Read 'Em n Weep

Beat That!

Well done!

What did you eat… Just turkey :slight_smile:

Everything I had any desire to-- turkey, stuffing, broccoli salad with bacon, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, home made beer. Believe me I didn't go hungry. Just skipped the breads and desserts, no great loss...

Well done, Sam. I had similar success this year, but it took me a few years to figure out things like a lo-carb stuffing made with Wasas and homemade sugar-free cranberry sauce.....

thats awesome! i live in spain and had to work, but my american director brought in some pumpkin molasses cupcakes with icing on them and i did some magic bolusing and finished at 154 2 hours later and 116 4 hours later! i still have a half at work for today before parent teacher conferences-making those meetngs much more palatable-:)

low carb stuffimg made with wasa! great idea! did you get the recipe on the internet?

Nice work! I don't have any pics, last night was ok but a lot of up and down and a lot of stray IOB so it was sort of labor intensive. No real highs and no real lows but 80 something w/ 5U IOB when I was full was exciting. I woke up at 80 though so *mission accomplished*

This one was actually my invention. My first holiday dinner after dx was depressingly Blah. I've posted it here a couple times. Let me see if I can find it. It really is yummy. The Wasas are the main game changer. After that, you more or less use all your favorite old family recipe veggies and herbs.....

Doesn't that just mean you over-bolused? I suppose it depends on when this was taken--if it's a few hours after the meal, then well done. If it's an hour or two after the meal, presumably you were in trouble an hour or two after that.

Two hours after the meal. I always shoot for no appreciable elevation 2 hours after eating, my bg never continues to drop after more than 2 hours.

I, like Bernstein, consider 83 to be the perfect bg number, that’s why I felt like bragging when I hit it right on the nose after thanksgiving dinner.

Interesting. Are you using Apidra? Humalog and Novolog have a significantly longer duration of action for most folks, including me--if I were 83 two hours after eating, I'd be very low an hour later.

I use novolog, it seems to act almost entirely between 45 min and 2 hours for me. I never go low after more than 2 hours but sometimes can start to spike as the novolog wears off of food is still digesting

Do you have a CGM to be able to watch your BGs in real time? Because that would be unusual--for most of us, Novolog has a very long tail out to around five hours, e.g. it looks like this: (for some reason the site screws up the link, so I'll attach the image)(this is Humalog but having used both, they're very similar, at last for me). That said, you can see the action ![|300x195](upload://85BpYjCR0DkZVj3cow0FgAng7gO.jpeg)
is dropping off significantly past two hours, so if you're eating enough fat or protein, or suffer from gastroparesis, maybe you're able to counteract the effect and keep your BGs stable after two hours that way.

And regardless, if you're able to keep your BGs in the 80s most of the time, that's fantastic and you're right to be proud of it! I shoot for 100 as my target, I find that much lower than that doesn't give me enough of a buffer against going low. That translates into A1cs between 5.8 and 6.2, though usually on the lower end of that. Yours must be low-5s, which is amazing.

thanks, ill have a look too! i was diagnosed on thanksgiving day! not right!

I used a cgm for about 6 months a couple years ago to help figure things out, after that I decided it wasn’t justified for me. I guess I have it easier than some others. I’m not sure if the novolog just acts faster in me, or if it’s tail matches my digestive absorption rates very nicely, or maybe I just have enough natural auto regulation ability still to overpower the “tail”. I am very very selective about which carbohydrates I’ll eat and how much of them, so a large part of my strategy is just to only eat things that I’m reasonably certain will match my insulin well. My A1c has run from 4.9- 5.5

Fantastic. Name-dropping Bernstein suggests you're probably finicky about your carbs.

It sounds like you're probably still producing some endogenous insulin, too, which makes a world of difference. I'm still producing a little a dozen years post-diagnosis, albeit gradually dropping over time, and it lets me go almost completely off insulin when I'm doing intense athletic stuff like alpine climbing or trekking (which I sadly don't do so much these days).

Re CGM, I used a Dexcom Seven+ a few years back and while it was somewhat useful, I found it too beta, too many erroneous readings or those damn "???" readouts, especially while exercising. I have a G4 on the way, and I'm hoping it'll be significantly better, plus it's going to be invaluable for tweaking my new, first-time pump (Tandem t:slim).

This recipe works pretty good for a cornbread stuffing. Mine yesterday used this almond bread, sausage, celery, red bell peppers, and spices. It's easily adaptable to whatever stuffing you like

Sam - Great job with the Thanksgiving meal! I consider 83 a perfect BG nuimber, too. I especially love when I can get a mid-80s CGM-flatline for several hours.

For me, I started eating in the low 90s and my post meal high peaked in the the low 150s and returned to the low 90s about four hours later. I can't complain since my dosing was a complete SWAG and I even ate a custard dish of pumpkin pie filling. Not sure if I made a good guess or the diabetes gods decided to be nice to me!

For me, dosing insulin is part science, part art, and sometimes just plain dumb luck.