Diet Sodas Vs. Water

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen an improvement in Blood Glucose numbers after removing Diet Sodas from their diet, and switching to water. I love Diet Soda’s and I eat very healthy. Not an issue of weight control for me. Diet Soda’s give me my sweet “fix”. But if Diet Soda’s increase numbers, I’d be willing to remove it from my diet. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this with or without success. Thanks all!

Hi Barb,

I agree that diet soda gives a nice sweet fix, but like yourself I probably consume too much. I’m interested to hear what others have to say…

Me too!! : )
I want to hear from real folks what’s worked or not. You can Google all day and find everything for or against your argument! :slight_smile: I don’t want to waste my time with that.

No increase in my bg trends whether I drink diet sodas or water…I have a CGM and I have alternated between consuming diet sodas everyday for a month and then going cold-turkey for a month (after that news story broke about the bad effects of diet sodas on health). I’m addicted to diet sodas and so I’m back to drinking them again. No change in bg trends.

Well, from what I’ve read, asparthame affects metabolic syndrome big time, and even provoke some insulin resistance issues in people, among other things, and in that sense, I did see some improvement in my weight loss, and my numbers, when I quit having it as often (I would have it daily, with lunch and dinner, at least twice a day, and more.) Caffeine in large numbers is also known to affect blood sugars in some individuals… I would say, if you drink it in moderation, and not with with every meal, or as a substitution for water, you should be okay…

It might be theoretical but the sweateners could trick the body into thinking that a huge amount of carbs is coming. This can be a problem for type 2 diabetics with functional insulin production because they can release insulin for these expected carbs. Since the expected carbs are not coming there is a chance that the blood glucose will go lower than usual. The next step in this chain reaction can be that some people start to eat something because they start to feel hungry at lower numbers. If you consume the next diet soda with some awareness for your body reactions you will find out if this scenario might be true for you…

I rarely drink pop except for regular ginger ale on occasion to settle my tummy. So yup, water for me.

I’m not a soda drinker to give you firsthand experience, but I’ve read about diet sodas increasing the craving for more sweets. The tongue immediately responds to the sweet taste, the body gears up for carbs, but doesn’t receive glucose… A lot more biochemically complex than that, but essentially that’s what happens. Perhaps this has something to do with people saying they’re addicted to diet soda.

Speaking of evil aspartame, it’s being marketed under a new name "AminoSweet,” so watch out for this.

They’re so sneaky! AminoSweet will no doubt be touted as the next great new sweetener. It’s natural, it’s made from sugar & the taste is just like real sugar–NOT!

It will actually help you gain weight in the form of water retention. The sodium in diet sodas has lots of sodium!!!

Ooops I just meant that diet sodas has a lot of sodium that is all!!! Lol

I’ve tended to use diet soda as a gateway drug, so to speak. It was feeding, not satisfying my sweet tooth. Since I’ve stopped drinking them, my desire for candy, etc. has gone way way down.

Yeah, this is the article I posted… it talks about that, and some of the bad side effects of too much aspertame consumption

I rarely have diet soda, and I noticed when I did drink it, I craved more sweet stuff. Now that its gone, I don’t find myself raiding the pantry for sweets. There was a study a while back which showed use of artificial sweetners actually created the need for real sweets/sugar. The body expects useless calories when something sweet is in the mouth, and if those calories don’t arrive, it wants more. It isn’t the original study, but you get the idea.

I had noticed me eating more sweets when I used artificial sweetners in my coffee in the morning, now I use a packet of Truvia and then a T of sugar, and I’m not wanting much in the way of sweets.

Except that it is made from 2 amino acids and not sugar…I guess that’s why the name AminoSweet. The dipeptide is made from aspartate and phenylalanine where a hydrogen in the carboxyl end of phenylalanine is substituted by a methyl group.

There’s no truth to the rumors that it is harmful to us in the quantities that we eat.

We got a debate going on, but really just want to know if Diet Cola has ever directly increased Blood Glucose numbers. Not looking at the indirect “it makes you hungrier” or “makes you crave sweets” approach, or if it’s safe or not.

I’ve never had my blood sugar go up because of diet soda, at least noticeably.

I have noticed that my insulin resistance has dropped some after cutting diet soda out cold turkey, I was going through a 24 pack a week. My insulin needs decreased by 2 units a day. Not much, but still enough to make a difference

I don’t drink enough diet right now to notice any affects in my bg’s, but the one time i drank a whole 2 liter 12 hours before a bball game i was able to feel my body virtually “shut down”, basically i couldn’t play basketball worth crap that day

I notice no difference