Different balance of intestinal bacteria linked with type 2 diabetes

Article in Diabetes.co.uk
Thu, 27 Sep 2012
Research from China reveals that people with type 2 diabetes tend to have a different balance of bacteria in the gut.

Researchers from the Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen conducted a metagenome-wide association study of microbes found in the intestines of 345 people, half of which had type 2 diabetes. 60,000 different indicators were reviewed and researchers noted that people with type 2 diabetes had a higher proportion of potentially harmful bacteria.

Within our intestines, we carry a significant amount of bacteria. Some of the bacteria in our gut play an important and positive role in how we digest food but other forms of bacteria can have negative effects.

The results of the study indicate a correlation between type 2 diabetes and harmful gut bacteria. Further research will be needed to deduce whether type 2 diabetes increases the chance of having an imbalance in gut bacteria or whether the presence of harmful bacteria is involved in the chain of events in the body that leads to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Other factors, including antibiotics usage and preservatives in foods, may also play in either or both type 2 diabetes and an imbalance in gut bacteria.

This is a most interesting article and research.

I have found I have more fun with giardia as a type 2 later in life.

I also use Berberine at times when my bowls go loose and that tighten's things up.

My guess is that as type 2's we get more glucose/sugar backed up in our gut making it a more positive environment for the pesky forms of the bacteria.

I also watch my BG numbers which also tends to go down - ie insulin seems more efficient and I believe it is the amoeba crap stealing gut sugar.

When one is healthy and all working well, I believe the gut/intestine can give short shift to the bugs. Hense a predilection to watch and see if these bugs disappear on their own accord.

For type 2's my reading watching this crap is that it is desireable to treat fast/clean out periodically the pests with berberine sulphate and get body back on track and give free loaders the short shift.

We have heard similar research before. I know that you may have suppressed the memory, but two years ago I posted about some research that suggested that intestinal flora from healthy non-diabetics when transplanted into pre-diabetics, improved their insulin sensitivity. Remember, you probably deliberately forgot this post:

A Cure Almost Worse than D: Transplanted Poop Cures Diabetes

You don't have to be rude about it. Plus that was 2 years ago! Who can remember news from 2 years ago unless it is something like the WTC crashing?? THAT we obviously remember - if you are old enough.

I'm sorry if my statement sounded that way. Emily is a dear friend and it was certainly not my intent to be rude. I was trying to be "Tongue-in-cheek." And jeez, look at the post I referred to. In some ways I still act pretty childishly even though I have grown children. So please don't always take my posts at face value, often I try to use humor to keep a light heart on matters that often really bring us down.