Different Infusion Sets for Different Sites?

I've been using Mio infusion sets since getting my pump a little over a year ago and generally have really liked them. Few issues, they stick great, and are easy to use.

But lately I've been having issues with kinked canulas. They only seem to kink when I use a thigh/side-butt site. I am pretty active and muscular so I have not thought too much of it. In addition, I never seem to completely lose insulin delivery - my BGs stay low enough to indicate that I'm getting some insulin delivered, but go up enough to let me know that I'm not getting my full amount. When this happens, I'll pull out a site and, sure enough, there will be a little kink on the end.

I called Minimed and they agreed to send me out some samples for different sets. The woman I spoke with said that my muscular frame may be to blame (i.e., the canula is hitting muscle tissue in my thighs and, therefore, getting kinked). I've had no issues with kinked canulas in my stomach, lower back, or love handles (all of which are, er, a bit more fatty than my thighs).

Does anyone use different types of infusion sets for different body parts? Is it possible to get a variety when you order them (i.e., two boxes of Mios and one box of Sure-Ts) so that you can switch them up depending on what site you're using?

Yes, I use different infusion sets for different parts of my body, I have done so since I started pumping in 2007 & I've never had problems getting a variety when I order. I use an Animas pump so the infusion set names are different, but I use Insets (90 degree straight in, the same as the MIO) in my butt, & Comforts & now Inset30s (angled ) in my stomach.

I just started on my pump - MM523 - a little over a month ago and I'm beginning to notice the same issues. I just had my first in-person appt with my pump nurse yesterday and we discussed the site issues, which include kinked canula's along my butt/side-glute area. I've been using the silhouette infusion sets because I'm slim, relatively muscular and active. I have the Mio sets as well so I'm going to try using those on my backside and bum. I'll most likely continue using the silhouettes on my torso, though I have run into a few issues with scar tissue. It's not a lot of fun trying to manually stick the needle of the silhouettte into scar tissue...it's doesn't budge.

It sounds like you're doing the right thing by trying out different sets in different sites until something works. Good luck!! :)

So, I requested from Minimed samples of the Quick set and sure-T infusion sets, but they sent me quick-set and silhouette ones instead! Argh. Called today and they are sending the sure-t ones now too.

In general, I have loved the Mios. I loved the all-in-one design. I tried a quick-set for the first time last night and because I don't have a quick-serter device, had to insert manually. It hurt, but I like the design of the set a bit better than the Mio. However, it's a flexible canula as well so it will probably kink just like the Mios. I am also going to try and get the Mios in a shorter canula because I have a feeling that in my buttocks/thigh region, the longer canula is hitting muscle and kinking.

The weird part is that I don't get horribly high BGs like I would if I wasn't getting any insulin at all. Clearly, some insulin gets through the kink, but just not the correct amount.