Discoloration of skin on toes? WhAt In ThE wOrLd Is GoInG oN?!?

So I have noticed over the past few months that on one of my big toes the top middle area of skin is discolored! It looked like I had dirt or something on my foot (of course my eyesight is not great) but when I went to scrub it off it was actually a discoloring of the skin!
I am so worried!
Its darkened in a blotchy pattern and I really hope its not something serious and irreversable : (
I have poor glucose control and I am struggling to work on doing better with an eating disorder (anorexia/diabulimia)
I am only 24 and I feel like my body is falling apart.
If any one has any idea what the skin discoloring is let me know!!!

Hi Rose,
I’m not able to diagnose but it sounds like you should see your Podiatrist, if you have one. I didn’t say that to alarm you but having lived a lifetime with the big D I know when something is not looking or acting normal it’s time to see one of my healthcare providers.

Yeah, I am the same as Betty below. I’m not a doctor, but I know that we diabetics have to pay really close attention to our feet. I treat mine like they are gold and I don’t want to lose them! Maybe this link will help you out. Please, go seek medical help, and you’ll hopefully be on the right track after that! Keep us posted, please!!!
Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribs of a Diabetic

Rose J,
It may be PVD (Peripheral vascular disease). This is a narrowing of the blood vessels due to plaque and cholesterol build up. Since diabetes affects the microvasculature, being a poorly controlled diabetic certainly contributes to the problem. You are way too young for that, though, I would think! I would take your toes to the family doc for a quick check, or even to the nurse. There are other possibilities, fungal /yeast rash, or a small blood clot. It may be something easily fixed, so don’t panic!

Don’t worry because it could be nothing, but please see your doctor to make sure.

Let us know what your doc says.

I agree with the other suggestions…to be safe, see a doctor. One time I also saw a black discoloration on my left toe… funny because I dont remember hitting something with it nor is painful. When I saw my doctor about it…we realized it was a bruise. The bruise was gone affter about 3 days…