Redness in feet

Hi I am a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed about 3 yrs ago at 26. I have been put on insulin since then, using Humalog lispro and Tresiba. Recently from last couple of months I see my feets and notice I lost lot of weight there, i also see some redness at back side of feet, right above the heels, looks like swelling right under skin. Sometimes skin there looks dark and damaged. So I asked my endo, and according to him, there is no problem. I also did VPT test for neuropathy and Ankle-Brachial Index Test. Both reports were normal according to technician. Anybody with similar experiences? Should I see a feet specialist right away before it gets worse. I would love to hear any opinion on this. I hope it is ok I attached the images of condition of feet. regards.

Gosh, I really can’t see redness. And I have way to compare whether you have lost foot weight, they sure don’t look emaciated. I will tell you that I sometimes get some edema that is probably due to my insulin use. You can test for edema by pressing with your finger on your shin, if it makes a depression that slowly goes away that indicates some fluid buildup. If you have issues with your feet you could certainly go see a podiatrist, they might be able to suggest that is going on.

Your feet look great to me. Mine haven’t looked like that since I was about 6 years old (and I don’t have any real problems either just ugly man feet)… and if they’re telling you there’s no problem I don’t see any reason not to believe them. You’ve only had diabetes for 3 years. I think you have a few more years before you need to worry about this sort of stuff

Thanks for your reply. I predicted loss in foot weight from my footwears. My concern is about redness in skin. If I press finger, it shows a whiteness in that area, which slowly goes away. As I stand up there is a small depression in that area. Skin is over smooth and extra thin there. If is not anything then not sure why it is so.

Thank u Sam for your reply. This may be the case. Probably it is nothing. But as variable sugar level are known to speed up complications, as we read and heard about diabetes. I am just too cautious, if it is something to be treated now before it becomes serious.

Do you see a podiatrist? Care of feet is so important. Do you put lotion on your feet to prevent dryness? I like Goldbond myself. Good luck. Nancy

Since I became diabetic, I choose to visit a podiatrist at the least indication of a foot problem. I’ve had many pre-emptive foot doctor visits when I likely could have stayed home with little overall risk. The docs see no problem with this vigilant behavior and I’ve heard many horror stories from them about people with diabetes that waited too long to visit the foot doc. I’d much rather visit the foot doctor too soon than too late.

Thank you Nancy for replying, my endo said feet looks okay and two feet tests also came okay few weeks ago. So they did not recommend to see podiatrist or even use any lotion. But I will see one soon after talking to doc again, to make sure, it is not anything serious and thanks for suggesting this Goldband lotion.

Thanks for replying, I completely agree. This is often the case. As a patient, one bears more responsibility to be cautious than doctor, specially regarding any feet issue in diabetes.

This is a serious question— have any of those visits to podiatrists been a good payoff? I have my first next month to evaluate what my primary doc thinks is a mortons nueroma-- but given my history with overall value of the medical care I’ve received thus far in my life I’m pretty skeptical that they’ll offer any solutions other than collect a bunch of money for a few minutes of their time and then not even return any calls in the future…

I’ve had a history of developing ingrown toenails in my big toes. The risk for infection is high if left untreated. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be and it’s nice to have another set of eyes inspect my feet. They also do a good job clipping my toenails and shaving off calluses. The podiatrist gave me a referral to physical therapy to treat my plantar fasciitis. Overall I’ve been very satisfied with seeing a podiatrist.