I've got a bad side: pump attached on my right = bad, but on my left = good

Please say it's not only me.

I attach my pump on my belly and switch sides for balance. I've noticed that I'm more likely to lose my infusion set connection if I attach my pump on my right. What I mean by that is sometimes I wake up to a connector that's almost off. I also want to add that it's not all the time, but if it does happen, it happens on my right. I think it's something about how I twist and turn when I sleep because it's something I notice when I wake up.

I just noticed it right now. I woke up around 1:45am and sure enough, while the section that gives me insulin is still inserted, I don't think it will make it if I go back to sleep much less through the day. I'm going to switch it out now.

I have a bunch of extra insertion units (separate from the tubing). Yes, I use IV preps to make my skin sticky. I think it wears down through daily use: working out, steam sauna (I cover up my belly in the sauna on purpose), and multiple showers.

BTW, I like the infusion set that I use: the Medtronic Silhouette. They lay pretty flat AND I can connect them pretty easily.

Just wondering if I'm the only one who twists and turns in her sleep that has this happen every once in awhile?

Hi Regina
Been worried about that! I'm going to go on a pump in a few weeks and am very worried about where and how to carry it. Did you go through that?

Nope, actually, I didn't have a problem with where and how to carry it. They're small and the size of beepers. They're easy to carry. With snug clothing since I'm busty, I just tuck it between my breasts and now I do that even when I'm wearing other sorts of outfits as it's just easier.

My post was more about whether literally attaching it to one side is better than another. When I sleep I favor one side, so I've noticed that my pump is more prone to come off depending on what side I've attached it too. I've figured it out and it's not happening as much though.

Good luck and do be too anxious about pumping.