Discounted Test Strips at CDTS

Came across a website selling test strips at a discount (know there are a few around already, but good to compare prices). They claim you can save up to 70%.

This site also sells short shelf life strips at a big discount. In their words "These Discounted Test Strips Are Brand New But Either They Are Expiring In Next 90 Days or They Are Out Of Original Boxes But Still In New Unopened Vials. "

I’ve got a friend who says they are comfortable with using short shelf life or recently expired test strips, since, as long as test strips are kept dry they have never had a result that is more out of range than already allowed. They test on average 15 times a day, so things can add up when the average price of a test strip can be around $1 (I know I use Freestyle Lite - and for a box of 100 - there’s abit of a discount (3%) - at $67USD - I pay $100CDN).

Anyway, check it out at this link - thought this might be of help to those of you in the States (alas, they don’t ship outside of USA) who self-pay or have coinsurance instead of copays. - Cheap Diabetes Test Strips

Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic