Where to find test strips online that arent about to go out of date

ive been thinking about stocking up on test strips just in case, and ive been looking for cheap ones online that are 10 dollars for 50 but when i read the reviews people say they are 1-2 months away from the expiration date. i read that some of them have an 8-24 month shelf life and i want stock a year+ worth of test strips. where can i get fresh ones cheap?

hi Mike, perhaps you can find some resources on this page


I recently ran out due to a new pump and testing more so I got some strips from E-Bay. I did buy some that expired in April because I knew I’d use them before the end of the month or close to it (used them yesterday), but most of the strips on e-bay were well before expiration date, but by the time they came up for sale they were nothing like that cheap. More like $20 something for 50 and $30-40 for 100. But still way cheaper than the store would be (I use One Touch)