DM3 Software - multiple patient profiles

Just wondered if anyone had heard anything on the “mini me” software issue in DM3. Whenever one changes PDM’s or transmitters, a new patient profile is created. Currently it is impossible to consolidate these profiles to form a continuum. In the past Dexcom software support have acknowleged this problem but have not provided a time frame for a solution. Any updates from those in the know would be much appreciated. Thanks. Mike.

I just received a new Dex unit to replace the one I had been using for 15 months. DM3 Software will not even read the new unit, let alone consolidate it. Dex software support was not able to resolve the issue. I am extremely disappointed.

Sorry to hear this. I hope you stay on them and insist on an answer. Good luck.

I started using a new Seven+ receiver in October or November 2010 (my original was August 2009). I now have two profiles in DM3. I questioned support, and they told me there is no way to consolidate. I told them I was dissatisfied because I like to run the Success Report quarterly. That means that I only get complete data when I hit the six month point and I could only run the report for half of the receiver’s usefull life. I told my CDE about it at my last appointment, and she was as dissatisfied as I.

I think I remember someone writing that they tried to export the “old” data to XML, edit it, and then upload it to consolidate the old data with the new data. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful if I remember correctly.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

I also learned that if you choose the option to ‘reset’ the transmitter, it will also require a new ‘patient’ entry - for the same transmitter id. And that can not be consolidated with previous ones in DM3…

My only solution was to export, and load to excel to consolidate.

I just checked the website and, of course, it says that DM3 is compatible with DM2 and earlier sensors. obviously, for some of you, that is not true.
The worst news for me, as someone who is/was planning to start on Dex, is that Mac users have to install pc OS on our Mac to use the software. That is an expensive proposition by the time you buy Windows (it doesn’t list recent 7 version) and Word software. Hmmm. That is really a bummer for me.
And it does not sound good that they can’t resolve the 3/2 software problem for those of you who are longer term users.

I use DM3 on Windows 7 and have not had any problems with it. You should also be able to download the free Word viewer from Microsoft for the reports since you are only viewing not editing them.

Thanks Brad. From my earlier conversations with Dexcom I had the impression that a number of people, like us, had requested the ability to consolidate profiles but I could not tell where it was on their software fix priority list. Perhaps once the Gen 4 sensor is released they might be upgrading DM3 but it could equally well be wishful thinking on my part…I find it hard to believe that there won’t eventually be a way to consolidate profiles in the software so in the meantime I guess we just take good care of holding onto all the data.

The data downloaded from the receiver is digitally signed to maintain integrity, I suspect this is due to HIPPA regulations.

It is impossible to merge the data coming from two different receivers, unfortunately. I too had to open a new profile in DM3 in order to download the data from the new receiver I got after losing my first unit.

I use Vista Home Basic (agh!) with DM3 without a problem.