How to tell DM3 software of a new receiver for an existing patient?

Hi all,

a couple of months back I misplaced my receiver and ended up buying a whole new set. Bummer.

Now, I find myself in a bit of an awkward situation with DM3, the Windows software used to download and graph the data from the receiver.

Obviously, the patient records still show the serial number of the old receiver, and when I plug in the new one, the software does not seem to allow me to select an existing patient, only thing I can do is to add a new patient, losing all the data that I previously was keeping from the old receiver.

Is there any way to teach DM3 that a new receiver has been bought, and that an existing patient should be able to be bound to a new receiver serial number?

I’ve to Export the patient data, and then reimport it, but there seems to be no way to change the receiver ID on the patient details.

Many thanks for your suggestions. I will be calling Dexcom later today when business opens in California, and look for help also from them.

Ciao, Luca

I asked Dexcom this same question and was told that there is no way to do that. That is one thing I do not like about Dexcom because you lose your history. I like to watch my averages and standard deviation numbers so it is very frustrating having to start over again. I had to have a couple receivers replaced in the 5 months that I have had it so will never be able to go back to compare 6 month chunks of time.

Yeah, just called Dexcom and got pretty much the same answer. Double bummer.

Now, I might dare to fiddle with the XML files I’ve seen in the data directories… I found lots of traces of the old receiver serial number, maybe just a simple search and replace might do it. I will backup the data, just in case… :wink:

Ciao, Luca

If it works, let us know. I would love to do that.

Nope, doesn’t work. The patient data is digitally signed within those XML files, and manually changing the files is recognized as tampering by DM3, which complains of wrong patient data on startup.

Too bad, in the end I created a new user with the exact same data, including the A1c which I had to re-enter one by one.

Maybe a way for allowing a patient to change the receiver could be implemented, who knows?

Ciao, Luca

I hope that they do make that change. I know I saw someone on CWD complaining about that also. I guess some programmer that doesn’t realize how important that data is to us designed that one!

I’ve explored this issue with Dexcom support in the past and have been told they are very aware of it but can’t give a definitive date when/if it will be solved. It’s crazy to have these multiple profiles (I have 4 already…) and not be able to merge the data. If I hear of any prospective solution I’ll be sure to share it but it sounds to me like it is a low priority items at Dexcom at this stage.

Thanks Mike, I share your view. It is probaby not a high-priority improvement for them.

Who knows how high in their priorities is developing software who would run natively on the Macintosh…

Ciao, Luca

Before you try this, back up your data.

When I open DM3 and choose Patients > Edit Patient List, there is a grid that I can type in. Can you change the receiver number there? The only problem I see, is the receiver code column. I don’t ever remember seeing anything about a receiver code anywhere.


It won’t let you change it there - that was the first place that I tried!

Since I don’t have the hardware to play with, can you do an export and import?