Do we LOVE our tech toys too much?

I am totally lucky.

I was given a Freestyle Lite Meter and a bunch of strips (probably six months worth). Free.

The box is sitting on my dresser right now, and every time I walk by I don’t think about how lucky I am…instead I feel a bit guilty. I feel guilty because for the past five years I’ve been very monogamous to my One Touch Ultra2 (kinda bulky meter…but I love him). Just the idea of testing my blood with a different meter is weird.

I know that people change and maybe I’ve grown apart from my One Touch…but we’ve gone through so much together. But maybe things have gotten too routine with the One Touch…I mean when was the last time he even asked me how my day was, and last time I got my hair cut he didn’t even notice.

And he’s always trying to control me. He’s really quick to point out when my numbers are high, and I feel like he doesn’t give enough praise when I’m doing well.

Maybe we just need to take a break. See how things go. If it’s true love, we could always get back together.

i’m the same way with my one touch… especially with my one touch ultra link with my minimed pump. :slight_smile:

He didn’t mention your Fine hair-cut?? Now that’s just downright inconsiderate.

I admit, I do Love my One Touch Ultra 2, no other will do at this point. It’s the only tech toy that I truely need. I’ve been with the same Group since day 1 practically. My original Beau was the One Touch Basic in 1988 and then the Fast Take(Good Friend) and One Touch Ultra later. I did have a quick fling with a Freestyle Lite but seriously I’m thinking, there should NOT be that many arguments and disappointments in a 2 month relationship. Life is too short! I Dumped him! I do have a side-kick(One Touch Ultra Mini) but he’s a bit “short” with me sometimes. He knows that I use him shamelessly and only when I’m truely desperate. I’ve had him locked away so he cannot escape until I let him loose. He’s grateful.

I just got my lab results back today. My Fasting Glucose was 7.3(I’ve been slacking off some this month due to Easter and my last FG was 5.5) and my One Touch Ultra 2 gave me a gift of 7.2, 3 minutes after my last blood draw at the lab. I rest my case! ;o)

For sure take a break if needed. Your True One will attract and put you on a pedestal. Good blood sugars to you.

That one touch, so many relatives… I adore my one touch ping, and she even knows how to communicate! She’s very assertive too. Gives orders to my pump (Daphne) and is obeyed without question every time.

LOL how cute!