Do you bleed upon OmniPod pod removal?


I've been using OmniPod for about a month now and about half the time when I remove a pod, I bleed when the cannula is pulled out. Is this common or do others also experience this? And, what technique do you use to remove a pod - do you just rip it off? I use a combination of both pealing the adhesive off my skin as well as pealing my skin from the adhesive. I also start by lifting the end that does not contain the cannula and work my way towards the cannula end.

Just curious,

Hi Nick! I have experienced bleeding with the removal of the OmniPod many times. Although I have noticed it occurs a lot less frequently and with less blood since I changed my insulin from Novolog to Apidra. I just rip the pod off holding onto the adhesive, starting from the canula end.

Hi Nick,
I find I get bleeding when I have placed the pod on my lower back, it may be a placement issue. I rip it off in different ways, whatever side I can grab. I find when the adhesive is on there good I will use remove, usually on my backside.

We rarely experience bleeding over here. Being that my five year old daughter is the one with T1D if she was bleeding with each removal the pod would not have lasted this long on her. As far as removal, we use uni solve adhesive removal wipes to gently remove the pod off of her skin. Also, when putting the pod on we use a barrier wipe, such as skin tac or bards, to help keep the pod firmly attached to her skin as well as to give a barrier of protection between her skin and the adhesive on the pod.

Rip method here. I also bleed occasionally but a few seconds of pressure usually stops it.

Yah I do too but its only I little bit I use uni solve liquid it works like magic I come right off no pain

I rip mine off quickly as well. IF there is blood, its only a drop. usually leaves a tiny bump where the cannula was, but it goes away in a couple days. The last one I ripped off on Friday night must have been in a bad spot because I still see the outline of where it was…lol

I drip a few drops of liquid adhesive remover around the pod, wait ~5min & then it practically falls right off leaving little, if any residue.
I do bleed from the insertion site about 1/3 of the time, but rarely for more than a few seconds.

It varies for me, but the other day, and I had it on my thigh, it wouldn't stop bleeding. Wasn't bruised or anything but it took about 5 minutes of pressure, cuz otherwise it ran down my leg

I have not, but with my last pump I did every now and again.. and I had on a rare occasion with my insulin pens and needles..

I have a gusher maybe once or twice a year, but rarely have any bleeding after I rip a pod off. Maybe make sure that you are inserting in the soft fatty tissue? Even on lean parts of the body if you flex and poke around with your finger you can find a soft spot between muscle tissue.

sometimes it happens but not on the regular.

Update: so I bleed upon removal the other day and it was quite bad I had to apply pressure for the bleeding to stop it was pooling to the point I had to get someone to help me lol … One time in something like 5 months . Not bad although I got a nasty mark on my stomach now from that

I used to when it was on the back of my arm. Now I use my thigh and have never had a gusher there! Also, I use the slow peel off after a hot shower.