Do you ever need to take it off?

I like the tubeless idea of the pod, but is there ever a situation in which you might need to take it off? For example, could I do Taekwondo with it on twice a week? How about basketball?

I'm sure it depends on where you wear it - but my son always wears his on his arms and wears them through basketball, soccer, swimming and pick-up games of football. I think it would be difficult to wear in high intensity football under a lot of padding, but most other situations seem pretty workable. Especially now that it's a little smaller than it has been.

There's never a need to take it off unless you're having some sort of adverse reaction to the adhesive. That's the beauty of the Omnipod, waterproof and no external hanging thingy's. I've never "had" to take it off only if there's a problem with delivery or there's been an occlusion.

Basketball, Taekwando, swim, marathon, weight lifting, soccer, tennis.....whatever you want to do.

I would imagine contact sports can be an issue because the pod can be ripped off, however so long as the rules permit it I don't see any problems with keeping it on and, if it gets damaged, replacing it. That's certainly cheaper than taking it off preemptively. I'm sure other readers will comment - there have been a number of stories of experiences with sports and Omnipods.

Certain water based activities require removal of the pod; if you are going to dive to a depth greater than 25 feet (this is common) or if you are going to spend longer than 60 minutes continuously immersed in the water. I would add, though, that I've spent much longer than 60 minutes in a swimming pool with no adverse effects (and I really can't imagine that there would be any at normal swimming pool depths) and I've never had problems snorkeling, though I doubt I ever exceed the 25 foot limit.

John Bowler

I've had most success with putting it on the back part of my arm (behind the bicep) and using a compression band (Adidas) when doing consistent high intensity workouts / activities and haven't had an issue. I was very skeptical of the pod at first, did the 45 day trial and I love it!

My son does karate/sparring, baseball and basketball with it on and has very rarely had a problem. He wears it on his upper buttocks or lower back for most sports. It came off once when he slid during baseball so now we use his non-sliding side during baseball season. We tried the arm unsuccessfully. He said the force of throwing, etc would cause it to come loose. We use his arms in between seasons.

As long as it's secured properly on your body you should only take it off when the pod expires (3 days). I never take mine off but sometimes relocate it on my body. I usually put it on my abdomen and there it stays no matter what. If you take it off before it expires you'll have to use a new pod which can get costly. I swim with it on, run, dance, play, etc. Hope this helps. :-)

Keep in mind, once it's off it doesn't go back on...

Mine comes to karate 2-4 times a week with me. Also swimming, biking, and just random craziness. On occasion you hit it wrong and it falls off but mostly it's just fine!

You would absolutely be able to do those things while wearing it. And like other pumps, you can temporarily lower your basal rate to accommodate the exercise. Obviously, though, being aware of where you're wearing it, you'll want to be careful about physical contact. A pod that's de-activated and removed, cannot be reactivated and put back on. You'd have to move to a fresh pod.

Nope, I would wear it. But sometimes it may take some pre-planning. For example, I didn't like my pods in certain areas when I did yoga, so I would plan to wear it on my arm when I took my class.

do you use a full sleeve compression band? or is there a smaller one that works? i've been looking for something for when i'm using the back of my arm and i want to play tennis.

For basketbally, I put the pods on my inner upper thigh, and it stays well-protected there (most men guard this area pretty well, LOL). I've never had a problem. I have had them ripped off of my tricep, which is my favorite position, but I try to play around basketball and make sure it's on my thighs.