Basketball and OmniPod

everyone, I wanted to know if anyone of you who play basketball and use
OmniPod, I mean during games, thanks to early Kino

Yeah I play basketball, raquetball, football with friends… pretty much anything. Just make sure you have a spare omnipod in case this gets ripped off or damaged… although that has never happened to me it could happen… and I always reduce my basal while playing sports

when I have it on my tummy I run sometimes with a SMALL fanny pack under my clothes with the fanny pack covering the pod

my son use to play soccer and he had the pod on with one of the insulin pump bands by pump wear over it so that it didn’t get pulled off. Although he did break several of the pdm’s (he is a little ruff)

I had an Omnipod for six months or so, and played basketball frequently. It doesn’t really work… I found that I pretty much couldn’t play with a Pod on. I tried it on my abdomen, my back, and my upper arm - eventually I gave up. As with any physical exercise, the sweating and movement can make the pod’s bandage start to come off. My bigger problem, though, was that the pump itself would get knocked off. I’d have the bandaid part still attached to my arm or stomach, but the pod would bump into people or just get ripped off very easily. I can’t count the number of times it got knocked off me, blood starting dribbling out of my arm, and I had to go clean myself (and the court) up. I wasted/lost more than a dozen pods from basketball. It obviously depends what level basketball you’re playing (and how physical the play is), but with most competitive basketball I don’t think OmniPods will work. If anyone makes physical contact with the pump, chances are the whole thing will rip out of your arm - it’s quite uncomfortable. Try to avoid it, if possible.

Try the arm or leg and use Vet Tape or Vet Wrap. Keeps the Pod secure and protected.

Yeah, tape is definitely something to try. When I had the pod on my arm, I wrapped it with a bunch of athletic tape - all the way around the arm. Very big and awkward looking, but it was effective (sometimes).