Do you have gastroparesis? Introduce yourself here!


Gerri and Laurie,
You are lucky. I wouldn’t wish thee pains on my wost enemy.


Hello all - I am new to the group. I do not have diabetes but do have gastroparesis. I am so frustrated with my doctor - I am allergic to Reglan and also was able to get the motility medicine in the UK which I was also allergic to. My doctor just kind of threw up his hands and told me to join Jenny Craig - I am overweight but not greatly. My stomach is swollen very much from this condition - my response to my doctor was “why should I pay 3 times what I pay to each healthy at home just to not digest it or get sick from it”

I am naseaus all the time and the sharp pains in the upper stomach are unbearable. I actually found this group by following a post from Kevin on this issue…

I went to the Cleveland Clinic for what I thought was consultation for the stomach pacemaker but they told me that there are too many issue with this and that it is not a permanent fix.

I am curious what remedies have worked for this group and any suggestions on how to deal with the sharp pains. I am definetely having an attack of them today :frowning:



I’m feel fortunate that I don’t have the awful pain, but as a newly diagnosed Type 1 (May) I think my gastroparesis is just in the beginning stages. Not being able to time insulin to food–not so lucky there.


Have you tried Bentyl? It does about the same thing as reglan. My doctor put me on reglan becasue it is better for diabetics, he said. Since you are not diabetic, maybe this would be a choice for you since you are allergic to the reglan. Bentyl is also in generic form -dicyclomine- so it would be cheaper.


Sorry. I meant message for Sandy. Too many work hours today. Sorry about that. Know all about the bloating too. Sometimes I feel like I should just put a string around my foot and let a child float me around like a balloon.


I have severe pain with thistoo, but allergic to all pain meds. I took a pain management class. However I do get major nausea and vomiting. I vomit 24/7 and usually ended up in the hospital many time with dehydration, always carrying my bucket to the ER. Now my MD has a standing or for me for Anzamet(it is a shot for Chemo pts for nausea and vomiting.) Low and behold, no more bucket. When the vomiting starts , I go straight to the ER and get my shot. Now able to control the vomiting, dehydration and mostly no more hospital stays. Hope hope this can help someone with the severe vomiting and nausea…Debe


Kevin - no I dont think (and I have to think because I have been on so much) that I have been on Bentyl. The other medication was Domperidone ama Motillium. I am thinking that because I was allergic to both of these is why they did not give me Bentyl but I will ask on Tuesday.

Curious - I have these as I am having these attacks in the few days around. Strong dizziness…I have to kind of stop for a minute and get my ground. I can be talking and mid sentence it hits and I have to stop and get my bearings…you also or no?

What was your experience like with Bentyl?


Bentyl didn’t help me at all. I still had attacks at work that put me on the floor in a fetal position and they lasted for about 5 minutes. Then I would get myself together and work the rest of my shift. My empolyer says I need to be there 100% or I could lose my job. Just last week I had an episode at work and just got myself off of the floor and shut the door to the department and waited till the pain subsided so I could get back on my feet and finish out my shift. Isn’t it sad how employers don’t really care for the well being of their employees. I think if people knew how a company takes care of it’s employees, they probably wouldn’t let their parents live in the facilty.


I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis Last year in the hospital. They did an endoscopy and stretched the opening between the stomach and intestine. That helped so much but is not a permanent fix. They cannot stent it because it has to be able to open and close. I may have to do the procedure again soon. I am starting to have symptoms of the nausea. I am also a Type 1 diabetic and my sugars get hard to control.


Hello, My name is Cathy and I have gastro on top of gerd and hietal hernia plus I BS. My stomach fills up so bad with food and bloats out it is really uncomfortable. Sometimes at night my reflux causes me to choke on my own stomach acid and it goes into my lungs. Talking about pain and burning. The next few days I feel like I have been kicked in the ribs. I take Nexium, zantac and reglan for this problem. I have been told for the reflux their is an operation but the gastro their is nothing but control and reglan.


I have Gastroparesis as well and in July I will have surgery to implant a Gastric Electrical Stimulation, it is like a pacemaker for the stomach. It is suppose to help the gastroparesis and the acid reflux. I would suggest you talk to your gastroenterologist about it. I am scared and excited about anything to get rid of this pain and discomfort. Just my two cents…


Humm I think I will talk to my Dr. about this. Thanks. And good luck on this, let us know how it goes ok?


I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around. My life is just being consumed by my daughters medical needs.

My daughter has had the Gastric pacemaker, placed April 13, 2009. At Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. They have made adjustments already due to the continue nausea feelings and throwing up. There is no guarantee that this will even work, but its worth a try. My daughter has lost more weight. Not good. GI dr has now said no fiber in her diet at all, and only liquid foods she is allowed to have. Dont know how she is suppose to survive on no fiber and liquids. It saddens me to see that there is not much that can be done for gastroparesis.


I was recently diagnosed with this additional affliction. Can you tell I’m excited about it? NOT! It’s been a tough pill… or 4 (Reglan 10 mg.) to swallow. So far I’m having a hard time remembering to take all 4 pills- at their correct pre-mela-times during the day. I’m working on it. 2 are in my pill organizer so I at least get those in on schedule. I’, still full all of the time, but somehow I manage to eat. I am still heavier than I would like since I also continue on my meds regemine of Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Apidra insulin also- all associated with weight gain. ( Note: I also suffer from moderate Fibromyalgia, hence the additional no-diabetic meds).

Anyway, I’d like to join this group. Food has always been my struggle and now this just adds to my nutritional, emotional, and psychologial issues with my diet. I can use all of the support that I can get.

Best wishes. I’m glad that you all are here -working together with information and support.
Rebecca B.


i’m in a weird spot. my gastroparesis was diagnosed a few months after my adult onset type i diagnosis. it turns out my gastroparesis is due to my MS and just wasn’t noticed until i went on a low carb high fiber diet with scheduled mealtimes. before i had just eaten what filled me when i felt hungry and didn’t really notice that i was already eating just small amounts several times a day.
it’s been an interesting ride so far but i’ve managed to get it down to not vomiting more than a few times a week with just diet and blood sugar control. reglan turned out not to be an option for me and domperidone is a pain to get since my insurance won’t cover it.
good luck to everyone here.


My doctor has suggested Botox injections done via endoscopy into the pyloric sphincter. This is supposed to relax the muscles and allow the food to empty.
Before my islet transplant I was only able to eat soft, easily digestible foods–so protein, yogurt and puddings became my diet although food was not something I desired. Since the transplant I have regained much more stomach function but from time to time I still deal with the extreme nausea and discomfort when I consume some complex carbs


One other thing to try…I just started a multi-enzyme full spectrum high potency digestive capsule at a health food store which helps to break down carbs, proteins and fats. It seems to be workingwell for now. One capsule per meal–but you must be careful if you take any other medication for another condition. Digestive enzymes can interfere with meds that must remain in your system for a period of time.


My whole family is diabetic, but my dad was just diagnosed with Diabetic Gastroparisis. I am having a hard time finding recipes for my dad, so I am having a hard time with his stomach pain. I did find a website with some good basic meal information, and I will share this with you:


Thank You so much


I use regalan and haven’t had any problems, Harvey what side effects are you referencing??