GOD I love to bike

This is just me being stupid…
O.K…so for variuos reasons I have not been able to get on a bike for the last 3 years ( 3 surgeries in 3 years at the start of the season).
This year is a different story. Nothing going to hold me back this year. The wife & I have signedup to do the local Tour de Cure…How motivating is that.
So anyhow…Iget out on the bike the first few times and and struggle mightily. Can not make my legs go around in circles…WHY…I’m LOW.
Turn down the insulin idiot boy !..So with that figured out things get better. Go to see the Endo and we are talking about my cycling.
I’ve got the basal rate down 50%…“Turn it down so you are getting 75% less.” O.K.
Out on the bike again…things are better, but I’m still going low. Phone the Endo.
“Well if you are still low, turn it off completely…you should probably get a CGMS also”. WHAT ?? Back out on the bike, with NO insulin but whth the DEX 7+.
Things are good. Still going low. Low without insulin???
" You need to eat more when you are on the bike" the Endo says…“Any suggestions of what to eat or not to eat?”"Eat like you did when you rode before you were diagnosed"
COOOOLLLL…I get to eat what ever whenever
God I love to bike !

Hey I think everyone starts off slow. Fortunately for you, you had diabetes to blame, which in turn led your endo to suggest some improvements in your diabetes management. And now you get to ride your bike. How cool is that?!?

Cycling and diabetes were meant to go together: why do cycling jerseys have 3 rear pockets? Perfect for insulin pumps.

Haha… most women’s jerseys seem to only have two…but agreed, they’re good for holding all kinds of things!

I turn off the pump, then eat like I’ve never eaten before. I rode a metric century yesterday, a full 66.8 miles, faster than I’ve ever ridden before. Ate a big lunch, then went home and turned the pump back on, and never stopped eating. My sugar spiked to about 220, but after eating for 3 hours straight without a bolus, I’d say that is a good thing. Hopefully I’ve gained back whatever weight I would have lost on the ride.

Oh, and to wash it all down, full-strength Gatorade. I share your passion for biking as an excuse to eat! :wink:

Wow! So this is what I have to look forward to! I’m like that when swimming! Can’t have the pump even near me or I go low. :slight_smile:

" You need to eat more when you are on the bike"

Oh yeah! There’s a nasty 7% grade on part of my normal bike ride. At the top of the hill is my favorite Greek restaurant. As a reward I stop in for Turkish coffee (with sugar) and baklava. It’s the only time I can eat it without spiking my blood sugar off the chart. I actually look forward to that #$%^& hill just so I can eat normal food like a normal person for once.