We want to donate stationary bikes to your church/school/clinic to prevent diabetes or its complications

Ooh,we want to loan or donate six to eight stationary bikes to a church or school or clinic that'll help get folks riding them together to prevent diabetes, or prevent complications for folks if they already have diabetes.

The bikes are heavy-duty "spinning" bikes that are adjustable to nearly all adults, and (at least I think) the saddles are comfortable. The bikes are used, but in great operating condition. --The gym we go to has too many bikes, and our foundation, Racing Against Diabetes, would buy them if we can find some place they'll get used. We could help start "spin classes" or "Racing Against Diabetes" get-togethers if that'll help, and you could help us do that too. --After my own 45 years of diabetes, I really don't want the whole country (and world) to end up with diabetes, or to end up losing their feet if they already have diabetes.

Do you know any church, school, clinic, etc., that would help save the country from diabetes? I'll try to watch the Forum for your reply, but I'm pretty old to handle this newfangled media stuff, so I'd appreciate it most if you emailed me at terry@racingagainstdiabetes.com. Thanks!

Who could refuse ??
How generous of your organizarion !!