Do you scrapbook?

As well as mum to a young type 1 diabetic, I’m a digital scrapbook kit designer. It is Diabetes Awareness week in the UK from 14-20th June. I am attempting to get a scrapbooking kit designed to give away on my blog for free during the week. The kit will be themed for scrapping about diabetes.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see in such a kit?

The kit is finished here is a piccy of what I've got, I tried to make it a bit fun: My blog is here:

My kits are at fully printable resolution, so if you are a paper/rather than a digital scrapbooker you can still use my kit - you can print off what you want to use then use as you would any normal kit.

If you want a copy of this kit after the download expires, send me a message and I’ll get a copy to you.