Do you wear a medical id?


What do you mean by ‘social costs’? Do people treat you differently? No one notices by ID, it is on a chain with another item.


An ID always creates a risk that others will notice it, and since most people believe fantastically negative things about diabetics, your reputation is likely to suffer. During the 13 years I wore an ID others noticed it twice, once causing no social problems at all, because the person kept it to herself, and once causing devastating problems, since the individual spread the news all over the university and suddenly the chief topic of conversation was the fact that I was going to be dead soon because I had eaten too much sugar. Interestingly, the fellow who spread that story died at 55 of a heart attack, while I’ve outlived him.


Wow that is so sad :disappointed: I talk about my diabetes with anyone who asks. Have never felt ostracized Most people I meet are just interested.


As of yet, no issues while driving. My low are are always late night. With my Dexcom and alarm on my iPhone I’m warned before it gets to low.


Good god, it sounds as if you are gloating over someone’s death.


I have worn one for over 30 years, and it has not affected my social life at all. In my mind, anybody who discriminates you because of medical conditions is not someone that can really be called a friend at all.