Do your family treats you normal?

The Big answer is NO.
As we are depressed at times of us being treated different from others ..there is a bigger reason of getting upset i.e, discrimination showed by our own people....but i smile upon it.
You know what , i am searching for life partner and i am all alone in that...nobody in my family supports this idea...sometimes i confide in them that i am considering this particular boy ..they say yes for everybody whom i consider ...ha ha
you know why because they firmly believe that nobody will say yes to me...
The heights of this is that they find it funny....every guy be it XYZ ...they say ya he is good...
Today i had a fight with my sis..she is searching a boy for her sister in know what they are rejecting boys just because dont approve his looks or any other silly reason....when i saw that guy pic i said he is good...than i also asked her you said me to consider a boy who was not even that good ...she said.." you cant compare yourself with her sister in law" ...WOW !!!
Guys can you believe it....i am an optimist and this is what breaks me more when your own people are not comfortable about you...
sometimes insecurities of your family spoil your future and life...I think personally insecurity is good ...doubting anybody is good but to a limit otherwise you cant take a step forward EVER!!!!

Hello Pooja san

Yes i no what you are talking about in a way,I have had D since i was DX when i was three am now 46,My parent where told i would never marry as i could not have children and i was also told my life line would be a 3rd less than non D,In japan to put it simply you you do not marry by the time your 25 the name for is Xmas cake long story what it means,My old endo told my parents that i will never marry and would be single all my life and make nothing of my life in any career,I was 14 when i was told this.

As to having D really did not come out of my shell until i went uni,Where i met my husband,When we where Married against my mother in laws and father advice who said he will never have children,My husband did not care and we went ahead,We have two children,As to my education i have PHD in biology and am a senior at a chemical company so i have proved every one wrong,I hope your family realise that your happiness is important at the end of the day and you have so much to give some one,I just hope one day you find some one and prove them all wrong,I enjoyed your story very much and thank you for sharing.Good look with your life

Deepest respect


i am overwhelmed guys....i know this is where people will understand me ...:)

I totally understand you Pooja! Feels like the same story. I a beginning to wonder since I’m 44 and still single but we can’t blame everything on D! d has made me a very compassionate person and I like who I am today. It makes dating more challenging but I choose to believe that I just haven’t found mr. Right,yet!