I want to know that should a type1 diabetic marry a normal girl

Why not? While there IS a possibility that children might get diabetes, it is small, something like the order of 5%, and if it happens, you deal with it. Meanwhile, you have the same right to love and a happy life as everyone else, no?

Do you love her? Is she kind? Does she love you enough to be patient in your needs and limitations as a diabetic - the times you can't focus on her?

If so, go for it! Make sure you've known her long enough to know these things though. That's my opinion.

I was the Type 1 and my husband was "normal" when we got married 27 years ago!!! U have every right to be happy so take it. I did.

Yes! With me, I'm the diabetic and my fiance is the 'normal one' and neither of us even considered diabetes as something that might stand in our way! True love always finds a way :)

I did. Before I got married, my then-girlfriend twice had to call 911 when I suffered extreme hypos overnight, and she stuck with me through it both times. After that, her way of showing her feelings wasn't by saying "I love you," but by saying "How's your sugar?"

Whether you call that "normal" or not is up to you, but she doesn't have D and I do. We're coming up on 8 years of marriage and have two kids so far.... all is well with them (knock on wood).

Diabetes is a part of you, and like all the other parts, it's what she needs to accept in order to marry you. Same goes for your acceptance of her. If all is good, then forge ahead!

"normal" is only a setting on your washing machine (-_0)

thanks all of u for ur comments ,,but the thing is that in India if I will tell to any girl that I am DIABETIC then no girl is going to accept me ... I am in a big dilemma n scared about my marriage ...

plz help...

also please advise that is it sure that a diabetic person will surely develop diabetic complications ,,,n is it true that more long is the diabetes more bad is the health of the person...

The right woman will love you for who you are, diabetes and all. She will be intelligent, compassionate and so besotted with you that diabetes won't even slow her down. Just believe that she's out there, be the best man that you can be and keep your eyes open. If you are kind-hearted, hard-working, honest, fair, enthusiastic about life, good to your family and friends, generous and fun to be could she resist you?

Manish- I don't know if, in your tradition, you choose a bride or if your family chooses one for you. But either way, it is not something that you can hide. You can, however, be mindful of it and take care of yourself.

There is no guarantee that someone with diabetes will suffer complications later in life -- especially in this day and age. Some might even say that the person who does not have diabetes -- someone who regularly and gluttonously indulges in the types of food that we can only dream about is at a higher risk for future health problems than someone with diabetes.

Worrying about finding someone who will accept us and will spend the rest of their lives with us is only natural for someone with diabetes. It was for me. But in hindsight, it wasn't the diabetes that made me reluctant to fall in love, it was the worrying. As long as you are confident and can take care of yourself, and can project that image outwardly, there's nothing to worry about.

I understand the attitude in India about "damaged goods" when it comes to marriage. That makes it difficult for you. I wonder if there are liberal families and girls there who are not following the old customs and superstitions? Someone who is modern-minded is far more likely to accept you than someone who is tied to religion and old attitudes.

As far as complications, if you take good care of yourself, you don't have to get complications, although nothing is guaranteed. Many of us are having good success following a low-carb diet, but that usually involves eating meat and eggs, and I don't know what your dietary customs are. You CAN control diabetes while eating a vegetarian diet, but I don't know much about it. There is a lady here called KimKat who is a vegetarian, and successfully controlling her diabetes -- you might want to talk to her about it if you are a vegetarian.

Maybe you can tell us more about yourself and we can help you more -- do you have access to technology such as a meter and strips? What about a pump? What about guidance about insulin doses and diet? We all want to see you have a long and healthy life! :-)

what's normal?

Would it make you both outcasts if you marry a girl with diabetes? Perhaps you could look for that lovely girl with diabetes who is equally worried about ever finding a husband to love and understand her.

I do not know your traditions, but surely love and happy marriage is a blessing in any family?

thanks a lot to all of u for ur valuable replies....and reducing my worries,,,, one more thing I want to know that in the coming future is there any possibility of permanent treatment of Diabetes...plz reply....

Permanent treatment, sure! I've been treating it for over 30 years, and I'm prepared to do it for another 30. Unless you're referring to a cure - in which case I'll say there's a possibility, but not a guarantee of curing this disease. There's lots of research being done and lots of progress, but nothing actually available at this time. (It also depends on the government regulations where you live -- I've found that many European countries are more progressive while the United States is more cautious when it comes to classifying medical procedures and devices as "safe" and approving them for use.)


Please don't consider Diabetes a hindrance in finding the right girl. Yes it is true that in India parents are a little scared in marrying there daughters to anybody having some sought of medical condition but everybody dosent seem think the same. I am an Indian and I am married to a lovely girl who does not have diabetes, so don't give it much thought and go ahead.

Dear Vikki thanks for ur reply ,,but pls tell me that had u disclosed to the girl about ur diabetes before getting married to her,,,or was it a love marriage...plz reply my friend...

Well my marriage was arranged and I had disclosed everything. I had also been in a relationship in the past and my then Gfriend knew everything. The relationship did not workout though but it had nothing to do with Diabetes. So my suggestion is please go ahead and disclose all, if the girl has an issue it is her problem, at least your conscious will be clear.