Doc-Talk...Q for "Transforming Diabetes" host Dr Jeff Horacek

Tuesday, April 19 we record a Q and A interview w internist and diabetes advocate Dr. Jeff Horacek in Portland, Oregon. Please send your questions and your stories for Dr. Jeff and co-host Heather Nielsen Clute, diabetes therapist, as we dive into the real life of diabetes doctors (they are human, they do care, and it is actually a hard job to help us manage our diabetes…), and discuss how we can each take control of our role as patient or provider to maximize our health and create positive connections!
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Thx again to Manny for his great interview with us last week!!!

Hi Heather, thanks for your post. There are obviously some incompetent or incompatible doctors, as we read repeatedly on TuD, but not enough credit is given to those who are great, caring and–most especially–life-saving. I cannot praise my own medical team high enough. I don’t have a personal story or question to offer, just wanted to thank you and Dr. Horacek.

Trudy, THANK YOU for your post. I’m so happy that you have a competent and caring medical team to help you on your journey of diabetes. That is great news!! We’re hoping to help give insight and tips on how to help mend the gaps that far too many folks feel exists in the diabetes (s)care process. Best to you,

Interesting interview! I listened to it while installing a ceiling fan but figured I’d ask Manny specifically about his group experience as it seemed sort of unusual that “everyone” in the group was “either pumping or thinking about getting one”. Was there some sort of peer pressure going on? There’s lots of people here (TuD) who are getting great results not pumping or even former pumpers who don’t want to go back? Maybe it’s just the bigger community here encompasses more diversity or something like that?

I’m always sort of jealous of people whose medical providers actually have diabetes as it seems like being in the club would provide understanding its hard to get from “straight” docs?

Hello, and thx for your post, and for tuning in to Transforming Diabetes! I think Manny attended a specific “Pumper” support group, which is why the focus was on pumping. So it was self-selected peer pressure :slight_smile: I totally agree abt the value of not pumping, too. I’ve spent more time on than off the pump, and have some powerful arguments in both directions. Why do you choose to not pump?

Dr. Horacek is a rare doc who “gets it” at the deep level of respect/compassion/empathy w/o having DM himself. It does run in his family (who doesn’t have it in their family these days??) but I think if we can work on 1) our selection process, and 2) our communication process, we can all find a doctor and team that supports us.

What do you think?

Thx, and take care,

I’m actually a total pumper/cgmer but I was just noting a lot of our colleagues here who aren’t at all interested, even many who’ve tried them? The diversity of the community is a great check and balance on any suggestions. I am sort of self taught and seem to be (knock on wood) doing ok but wonder how a community like this can touch more people more effectively?

I agree that communication is a big part of the deal. If BCBS would hire an administrative person to follow me around and write down everything, it would probably improve the quality of my data and communication a lot. I’m not sure about the selection process. I have had good experiences picking the youngest looking and doctors w/ the least Anglo names reasoning that they will be easier to get into see than older doctors w/ more patients. The current doc has been great but I occasionallly think that maybe the bigger, fancier clinic would be an improvement somehow but I’m hard-pressed to think of how?