Master Chat "Type 2 Diabetes, Adding Insulin to the Plan, Stigma and Blame"

Come and join the chat in TuDiabetes Talks tonight, Wednesday Dec 7th at 8pm ET 5pm PT for a sure to be heartfelt Master Chat led by Angella White, RN, CDE and passionate Type 2 diabetes advocate. Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


This was a terrific chat, one of the best ever. The replay deserves to be watched by every T2 who wasn’t there to see it.


I’d like to see it, too. I went to my monthly diabetes group --60-minute format in a circle of 25 people. Not much time to explore any topic in any kind of depth. I think I prefer the support I get everyday from TuD.

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Listening now. Is last weeks chat on balancing life with tight control going to be available on podcast? I don’t see that one?

@Terry4 Here you go! Apologies for the “woof woofs” at the beginning!


Thanks for listening @Sam19 !
@mrmikelawson @ last weeks podcast? Thanks!

if you click on the videos tab on the home page you’ll see our entire archive of live interviews

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I generally miss most of the Master Chats, due to my interest in this subject I made it a point to attend. I was really pleased with the program. Glad I made it to this one. I may have to show up for more.


Yep! All of the chats have been published to the podcast feed.

It was SO wonderful to have you there!

Did it’s name get changed from “balancing life with tight control” to the “mindfulness and siren care” ? Maybe I’m just confused by the different title ?

The name never “changed” but the episode with the presentation on balancing life with tight control (and being mindful) and the discussion with Siren Care was named “TuDiabetes Talks: Mindfulness and Siren Care Socks! Episode 22”

Just watched it… great job, Cynthia!

Nice to see that the professionals are starting to come around to the idea of insulin first rather than last with T2.

Thanks for posting this. As a newly diagnosed type 2 … I found this very informative.
I’m glad that the issue of patient resistance to insulin due to occupationall incompatibility was brought up.

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Glad you enjoyed the chat! Angella was and is just awesome! It certainly is such a huge concern for so many…insulin affecting occupation…

So glad you found TuD! I hope you are feeling good…


Awww… thanks @Dave26! Isn’t Angella Awesome?! I wish someone could clone her!

I hope we can have some more great discussion around these hugely important issues.

Cheers and thanks,