Doctor Appointment Question

Friday my regular ob/gyn confirmed I was in fact pregnant. I have a perinatologist appt set up but it’s not until Aug 25 - I’ll be 8 weeks by then - does this seem a little late to start seeing a doc?

I called to double check since the nurse set up the appt and the scheduler said she asked and they said even for diabetics the rule is not to see anyone until week 8.

I plan on calling my nurse prac to ask if there is anything I should be doing until then, although she had said the maternal fetal group will completely take over care as soon as I am pregnant and I won’t see her again until after the baby is born and I am back to “normal”.

Just wondering when everyone else started seeing the core group of doctors when they got pregnant. I worry with it being such an important time for the developing baby that I want all the help I can get, but I hate to wait 4 more weeks for it.


I didn’t see my MFM for the first time until I was 15 weeks; before that, I just saw my OB and my endo (who’ve I’ve been seeing every other week since I got the pregnancy confirmed). My first appointment with my OB wasn’t until I was 8 weeks along; I had my pregnancy confirmed and monitored by my RE for the first 7 weeks since this was a medicated cycle. My OB ordered some additional tests with my initial bloodwork - A1C and a 24-hr urine collection - because of my diabetes, but that was it in the first tri.

I think at this point in your pregnancy, it’s most important to be in regular contact with your endo so that you’re keeping your blood sugars in tight control (and that was tough for me - my insulin needs jumped early in my first tri before dropping around 7-8 weeks), and to confirm vitamins and nutrition info with both the endo and OB.

At this point, I’m still seeing my OB just once a month, and the MFM I see every other week - but that’s because I’m having twins, not because I have diabetes. They all do ask about my blood sugars at all appointments, but that’s about it. I’m not sure how frequently singleton moms with diabetes get monitored, as this is my first pregnancy.

Congratulations, and good luck!

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t see my OB until 9 weeks and the perinatalogist until 13 weeks for the nuchal trans/downs screening. With this pregnancy, I did go in for a “confirmation” of the pregnancy with my OB at 7 weeks, but my first OB workup was not until 2 weeks later at my 9 week appt. Perfectly normal. My next appt is with the perinatalogist at the 12 week mark - 3 weeks from now.

For now, make sure that you are managing your post-meal and dawn highs, keeping them as close to under 140 mg/dL as possible, while also watching for (very common) early pregnancy lows. Eat small meals frequently if you’re experiencing nausea and test often.

I didn’t see my ob/gyn until I was 8 weeks pregnant (turned out I was actually 7 weeks) I did start meeting with my endochronologist straight away though and have been meeting with him/diabetes nurse every two weeks.

congrats, jen!!! i started seeing my regular ob/gyn at 8 weeks (and every month thereafter - until week 33, then once per week for non-stress tests) and the perinatologist at week 12 (then once per month until week 33, when i started going once per week). my ob/gyn and perinatologist work fairly closely together to make decisions… but in the end, the perinatologist is really the one calling the shots.

waiting until i saw the ob and then waiting 4 more weeks until i saw the perinatologist felt like FOREVER. i spent the time logging lots of numbers, getting post-meal highs down (i echo was others have said about focusing on this), and sleeping. :wink:

congrats again!

I never saw any doctor besides my endo before 8 weeks, it’s seems to be standard procedure due to the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester.