Just found out I am pregnant (little over 4 weeks) and I need to know what to do first!
...appt with OB or perinatologist???


Ashley, I'm sorry I can help with the answer to your question. But I can offer my congratulations and offer prayers for a healthy baby.

I'd think both would be in order? Congratulations!

Ha this just happened to me and a few others here recently. Call your endo. They will want to see you right away to get your blood sugars inline. My ob didn’t want to see me til 8 weeks. Message me if you have any questions. I’m 7 weeks now.

Congratulations Kelly. Tu getting

Thank you all for the replies. Talked to my endo and they referred me to an ob at the end of the month and will set me up with a peri. after that. SOOO just this moment I started bleeding--- how much is too much?? We told our parents like 20 minutes ago :( Any advice??? It's not like a normal/heavy period at the moment but something I would wear like a light tampon for. Thoughts?????


Went to the ER last night after lots of bleeding and they confirmed that I miscarried at 5 weeks :( ....I guess next time around I will not have a day of freak out since I have practiced the plan of who to call and what to do. Thankful for the support and advice easily found on this page!

Aww so sorry to hear about that. It must be very hard emotionally but the good thing is you can get pregnant. So keep doing what you are doing and everything will turn out great :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words and support ladies