Doctor Appointment today...... =/

So today i got bad news from my doctor. I am now off ativan and on
xanax, which i could of used today. I got bad news as i was saying about
my kidneys are headed towards failing if i am not careful. My A1C is
12.5 and it should be 6. So i have been feeling anxiety all day. =/

xanax won’t help you, i hope you are on ACE inhibitor like lisinopril, and eliminating sodium as much as humanly possible. I was diag with A1c over 12, without a pump i’ve gotten down to like a 9, but true control would be more realistic with a pump. My advice to you is don’t let it bug you too too much, it will naturally bug you, but live in the solution, not the problem. Sometimes I can’t take my own advice.

why wont it help me? no i not on a ace inhibitor. i cant afford a pump

also, ive only been doing do my shots for 2 weeks. uncontrolled for the last 2 years

Try not to worry about this it’s your starting point!!! You are already seeing better numbers with your shots, Let’s see what the next a1c is. My guess with your work will be 7.2 and the ace inhibitor is a good idea!!! Just keep at it and stay on top!!! Remember take it one day at a time.
Small side note: I am also from Ca. looked at google maps, are you in the boon docks??? LOL If you want a friend I am here, just send friend request. I will help if I can!!

it’s all okay, my last a1c was 12 (couple weeks ago). I’m starting fresh and new just like you, about the same time to :slight_smile:

Xanax can help if you need it :slight_smile:

You might ask about an ace inhibitor… lots of us take one as a protective measure. I don’t have any signs of kidney damage nor do I have high BP but I feel better knowing I am doing all I can to protect my body.

The good news is that you’re doing great now & your numbers have improved so much! The other good news is that you’re young. Hate that you feel anxious & were scared by your doctor. His/her statement was a warning, not a prediction.

Many people have excellent control without a pump.

You have already started fresh, with good results. You will continue to move forward in a positive and healthy manner. The A1c is from prior months, your next one will be lower and the next…lower. Stay positive and know that you have others that understand.

I am not to worry at the moment, this morning (just now) it was 108. kinda high at bed time, 328. I do take it a day at a time.

where in california? lol@boonies. I am an hour from sacramrnto. kinda at there but its so beautiful! its like camping weather! i love it. i was living in Nor Sac and ew ew ew, guns shots, druggies, horrrible around.

thats good about starting fresh! good luck! add me on here, i would like to hear how its goes!

thanks. yeah it was a another wake up call for me. =)

thanks i will!

thanks for your reply. I am staying on top of everything for the last week before my doctor appointment, which is sorta believed. lol. so i am working on staying happy and exercising and eating right

Honey I’ve only had one kidney since birth! Hold tight! That A1C dosen’t look too good though! Your probably right that xanax should take care of the anxity though! Well with all I’ve had going on it has for me!

thanks. I am looking forward to staying healthy

thank you for the reply! i will keep that all in mind!

At least you know where you’re at and keep in mind that the A1C is looking backward and that you’ve already started making positive changes. From personal experience it can be a slow process. I do think pumps make it easier to achieve better control, but I also thinks it’s possible to achieve good control with MDI. In some ways it might be easier to work with just MDI because it’s more familiar and there’s less variability (like no dual/combo wave boluses or millions of basal rates or suspend functions).

Good-afternoon, I remember when the Dr.'s told my parents that I would not live beyond the age of 13-15 yrs. old & if I did I would be blind, kidneys would fail & I would be disabled. (wow a lot of hope for my parents). I was diagnosed in 1968 then re-diagnosed in 1971 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. When I reached the ripe old age of 15 yrs. old they said I wouldn’t live beyond the age of 25. At 25 they said no way would I live beyond 35 yrs. old & forget about having children. They also said I would more than likely die of heart failure. They had never seen a type 1 diabetic live beyond 35 yrs. At the age of 35 w/a 4 yr. old daughter, they said…I was living on borrowed time.

I am very grateful to say I am now 43 yrs. old w/out any serious complications. I humble thank my God for this blessing. If I learned anything…it’s don’t give up…have faith & do your best one day at a time…don’t be so hard on yourself…

wow, thank you, that’s an amazing story! gives me a lot of hope!