Doctor Visit

Well, I got my AC 1 results today. Not too bad but, not to good. It was around 6.9. I’ve been told that I need to go on meds. I don’t want to and I am NOT going too. I was told if I wanted to have kids at some point that I should start to get things under control. I’ve been having high morning numbers and it is getting a bit on the fustrating side. I think weight loss will be my best bet. Not, too happy at the moment.



I hate pills, too many side effects. I have lowered my pill dosage but with excercise and watching what I eat. One thing you can do is test all the time after you eat and see if its something you want to eat again if it makes the number high. the night time numbers are still hard to control. its easier to deal with numbers when you are awake but when we sleep its harder to figure out how to keep them down. take care i know the frustration on the overnight numbers

Carly , can you combine exercise with your planned weightloss ? Are you regularly committed to doing exercise as in walking and getting your heart rate up ? Have you had a chance to meet with a registered dietitian ,ie Certified Diabetes Educator ( CDE ) and a Nurse , CDE ? Hope they are available to you in Inuvik ? …eating fewer carbohydrates and high fiber food items may help you as well .
Higher numbers in the morning may require some snack at bedtime …liver ( producing sugar ) kicks in overnight .
Those darn unhappy moments …hang in there, please .

Thanks Nel Peach and Wil V.

Yes, we do have registered dietitians and a nurse that is Certified Diabetes Educator but, she is unwell that this time. ( She too is a diabetic.) We have an other lady that is learning the ropes.

I was feeling low and shouldn’t have put poured out so much sorry about that. Yes, I can do better with more exercise and making better food choices. I do plan on keeping some kind of journal to see what foods are helping and what is not. It just makes me look a tiny bit crazy work writing stuff down all the time.

This is really out of topic but, does anyone ever eat Activia yogurt? It has 15 carbs and 13g of Sugar. I love this stuff and I can’t seem to give it up. Should I stop eating because of the high sugar or should I continue and hope that my body will forgive me in the long run?