Doctor wants me to come in for A1C blood draw

Doctors office called me today and said now would be a good time to come in for an A1C blood draw. WTF? I told them literally the last place I want to be with all this going on is a doctors office. The receptionist said I could be in and out fast as they are really slow. Gee…wonder why. :laughing:


I went in for labs this week.
I made sure I was EARLY. I was the second person there. Very simple, and just pay attention.
It was also has a smaller clinic side of things, not the larger place I normally go to. So that was nicer.

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I have a feeling it depends where you are located?

I had an endo and a GP appointment early and mid April, but when this first started I called and they offered to do telehealth, but I told them I didn’t want to go into a lab to do the bloodwork so both appointments were moved to July and August.

But we hardly have any cases and I almost sort of wish I kept the appointments as now is probably pretty safe and later who knows?


Well It might. Be the doctor wants to check in and see how you are doing. If you are uncomfortable because of what is going on, Just let the doc know. And reschedule later. Or the doc will restructure your appointment.
To me an A1c is like a final exam. LOL.

At least you can decide when you want to do it.

Zero chance I go in now. Had an Endo appointment over phone last week. My opthamologist called to reschedule and I also had an appointment for my myotonic dystrophy rescheduled as well. I don’t think they want anybody either.

I am planning a compromise. My endo is 90 miles from me so telehealth is a great option for my early June appointment. I do plan, however, to have a local lab do my blood tests about mid May. I don’t think the risk is going to be much greater in May then it would be in July, September or December. Until a vaccine comes out, I still feel fairly safe in an area with fewer than 2 cases per 1000. Just have to be real careful before, during and after the blood draw to keep everything squeaky clean and be prepared with proper PPE.


Doubtful. Just had a virtual visit with him 2 weeks ago (initiated by him) and he used ‘diabetes checkup’ as the reason to Medicare. Just saw him a few months ago, there was no reason for a ‘diabetes checkup’ and the virtual visit was nothing more than him telling me to stay at home. He also has access to my Dexcom Clarity which has shown me in excellent range. The state I’m in is under a stay at home restriction and we are still getting nearly 1,000 new cases daily. No reason to risk my life getting an A1c that I just had a little more than a few months ago, especially since I normally get one every 6 months under normal circumstances.

It has to do with money. Not many people are going to the doctor right now and they are simply trying to keep business going.


I wouldn’t go into a doctor’s office just to get an A1c test performed. Since I already use a CGM and finger stick meter, I have a reasonable idea as to the quality of my blood glucose management. I view the A1c as interesting but not necessary. I think many clinicians perform the A1c out of habit and its usefulness is limited in people with long term diabetes.

As people with diabetes, we are more at risk of catching this virus and if infected at greater risk of experiencing a more severe case. Your doctor’s suggestion to come into the clinic at this time seems riskier to me than the benefit it may confer.

I would not take much comfort on the published number of cases in your community unless the amount of tests performed was large and not colored by a setting where demand for tests outstripped supply by a lot.

Once we start antibody testing and it is done across a statistically representative sample, then we can get a reasonable idea as to the probable number of people with immunity. Then we can make some sort of assessment as to the risk of venturing out into a doctor’s office setting.

The transmissibility of this virus is the main reason it has spread across the entire globe into every community. The ability of Covid-19 to spread from asymtomatic people and before symptoms arise makes it especially dangerous for people with underlying conditions like diabetes.


Save a trip

If you use a CGM, there’s already so little additional value to an A1c, that I definitely wouldn’t risk it. There’s other lab work that we can’t otherwise estimate that might be important enough for a person to get done, or maybe A1c if someone isn’t otherwise tracking their blood glucose carefully, but if you are, why increase your risk?


I have already had one of my doctors call me and postpone a visit, no reason to risk it right now. This seems prudent, going for an A1c just for curiosities sake does not.

Wow, that is crazy. Do you have a CGM? Feel pretty confident in what your numbers usually are?

There is really little value in getting an A1c more (as @cardamom said) - for me it’s like getting a report card but I already have an idea of what it will be, and honestly the number isn’t going to change my care AT ALL.


I realized I’m due for the lab next week and the CDE visit a week later. I feel like I can put this off by one month for sure, and now I plan to do it.

A lot of industries are suffering. And a lot of employees getting laid off.

Even in the health industry, which is undergoing incredible strain among those who can work in ICU’s, the front line staff in many doctor’s offices are being laid off and it’s conceivable that some practices might have to shut down permanently.

If you have good insurance and feel confident that all necessary sanitation precautions are being taken - and I don’t doubt that they are - you would be supporting continued employment of staff at your doctor’s office by coming in for a blood draw.

I would encourage everyone, if you need new tires on your car that you never had time to do before, or if you need to paint your house but never had time before, or if you need to get the asphalt on your driveway renewed, do it now. Buy from local folks. These are all essential services and industries and you would be supporting keeping those folks employed, while incurring no health risk yourself.


I agree with you sentiments here that we should support our essential services but not now, not yet, I will support them with my loyalty and my cash but not with my life, when it is safe I will. Right now I am not convinced that a trip to a doctors office is a safe trip. If you don’t wish to be around drunkards it is best that you stay out of bars, if you wish to avoid sick people, especially sick people with Covid-19 then stay away from medical establishments if possible.


We own a service business. Since my husband is dealing with cancer, we’re probably going to have to close anyway but we are an in the house service. I think getting yard work done, etc is a great idea for right now. House painting, outdoor repairs etc. I would say gardening too but our governor decided a plant nursery is not essential, though many people think it is! :wink:

Around here you get a call from your car, no one is in waiting room. Staff gowned etc… So I would ask what the set up or could the have you drive up and they come out and draw blood? Nancy50

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I use a app called Sugarmate that follows my Dexcom CGM. It provides several good statics including your A1C. It is usually very close to my blood draw A1C

I used an at home A1c test kit, don’t recall who’s, some years back when we were RVing and unable to make a doctor’s appointment. It came with two uses and I used the second one when I had a blood draw A1c later on. The difference was one decimal point, something like 6.3 vs. 6.2. If things are still chaotic in May when I’m scheduled for a blood draw A1c, I’ll likely punt with an at home kit again.