Telephone Appointment this Thursday

I see my endo this Thursday but the appointment will be by telephone. I was wondering, has anyone else did this and how did it go? What questions were asked by the doctor? Just curious.

I had mine on June 4th and it was awesome. Did not have to drive 100 miles to endo office. The only problem I had was that my doctor notes were due the following day at Dexcom and hospital did not send them. Dexcom holds up order until doctor notes received.

mine went fine. they billed for it as a telehealth visit. it was just a phone call

I’ve had a couple of telehealth calls and they have been great. I love them!

I had my first Endo appointment around 3 weeks ago. It was done with Face Time. I was able to see his downloaded information on his screen when he turned it toward the camera. I still prefer a face to face appointment.

I’ve been doing telephone appointments since March. I actually love them. I hope they continue to be offered. As someone who can’t drive, it’s so much more time-efficient for me to do a phone appointment than take transit out to the office and back! The exception, of course, would be things like allergy testing that have to be done in person (I need to make an appointment for that once the pandemic has passed).


Mine was awesome.

My CDE and i just sit and talk all the time anyway. It was just the same by phone. I really think our medical folks are doing a great job adapting to the circumstances In most cases.

I have done several video visits with my gp while having covid pneumonia, one with ortho who would not let me come for a visit yet. One with derm for rx I needed refilled. I have 2 coming up with endo and gastro. One in person with hematologist. I spoke with him on the phone already. I had bw work done at endo office and mri done, still waiting on results/ report. Some of these were previously scheduled appointments that they changed to video calls.

The great thing about it is I can roll out of bed and in my robe etc. if not well, I don’t have the stress of getting there and managing bg is so much better, same for online teaching, but not in my robe lol. I don’t miss seeing students In person at all, lol. It is a bit harder to explain things but it worked out ok. It is a lot less stressful.

The bad thing is no one can examine my back / ribs etc to see what is causing my pain. Even at the field hospital or the er no one really examined me. During this whole time, no one has listened to my breathing which is crazy. There are some things that cannot be done on a video conference.

Overall I could get used to teaching at home forever, I hope it continues through next semester at least. Same goes for ordering food etc. I will be attending a video b day party of a friend in CA this week.

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My telephone visit 10 days ago saved me hours of travel plus the $30 that a driver costs me as I no longer drive. My CDE and I looked at the graphs created on t.connect from my upload that morning and discussed the results. No A1c, of course. I really can’t say that the visit was any worse nor better than a face to face appointment, but it was certainly shorter. And that was good. Unhappily, I do have to travel to the next one in 3 months as I am due for my annual labs.


I had one yesterday to change blood pressure meds. Simple phone call. Amazing.


@meee, I’m gonna ask you the same question I ask everyone.
Do you feel like your work is more or less productive remote?

I feel it is about the same, it was a lot more work. Since I was ill and had covid/ pneumonia etc through most of it I would not have been able to teach at all except from home. I don’t know how I did it really, it was mind over matter and I cancelled and reduced some virtual classes in one class. Pain killers etc and being at home made it possible etc.

I am still working now too because several students took inc and are handing in work.

If my back/ rib pain and all of this does not resolve by fall being at home will once again make it possible for me to work and I will have the option to have non live or live lectures as well.

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Well, my appointment was really short! I do not feel like it was as thorough as if we were face to face. I think I would have rather had a face to face appointment.