Visit with the Endo


Well yesterday I had a visit with my endo just to see how life on the pump was going. We spoke about how I should keep an eye on the weight gain (+6lbs), and if I had any questions or concerns about the pump. The only thing that I did bring up to her was that during one of my infusion set changes I think I must have hit a vessel or something because when I pulled out the canulla I had a bleeder. Very weird but was told it was normal if you hit something. It had been a while since my last a1c and so far in about 3 months I have taken it from a 9.1 to a 6.2 and yesterday my last result was a 5.8 so I was very happy. Who knew that if you actually take you medicine and listen to what these dr’s say it might work. Well till next time see ya.


Great job on the A1C! Keep it up.


Wowsa, great job. I know how hard it is to get a great A1C like that. Are you having a lot of lows? Are you using a CGMS? Keep up the hard work.