Does anyone have problems remembering whether they have had their injection?

Sometimes when i'm out to eat with a group of people I seem to forget I have diabetes and I will check a couple of hours after I eat and then by my BG I then realize I totally forgot. This would be a hand palm moment.


hmm, maybe you should try an insulin pen with history data )
note: I dont have any experience with this pen

I tried using the Memoir pen which is similar (also had history data) but stopped it some time ago as I had the feeling that it was not always reliable: I just looked it up on the Internet and it's no longer available in the US so there must have been a reason. Maybe my instinct was correct. Perhaps the one you mentioned is better.

Hello cp1943:

I don't know anybody who hasn't forgotten whether they injected at some point.

What type of injection is the real issue. Short acting, no biggie, you can let it alone, and test if you want figure out that way whether you shot or not. If your numbers stay the same, or drop, you took the insulin. Option b, you could shoot potentially for the second time, in which case, if you already did so then you get to EAT/drink a whole bunch extra. Myself prefer soda at that point. Makes the double coverage less spooky and the double coverage has something instantly it has to get through before there is any tiny problem.

As for long acting, that's a tiny bit trickier.

If I'm not sure then I still leave it alone, use short acting in place of the long acting. No long acting onboard (I forgot to inject it) you simply cover whatever the number you get might be. Do that at all the times you normally would test or some extra if you think it'll help and just don't make the same mistake when the 24 hours are up.

As for memory tricks, you need a simple procedure.

If the insulin is inside the box in your bedside table, you did the shot. If it is not, in that box, or has not moved from spot a to spot b (wherever that might be) you did not do the shot.

The trick is ALWAYS putting your keys on the hook, or your insulin in ONLY that specific spot. You have visual confirmation you did or did not do it.

Hows that sound?

I use my reminder on my blackberry for everything! If not, I will forget to do everything, lol...

Question: How many times aday do you take lantus?

I think I've solved the problem which is always with the Lantus in the morning when I'm half asleep,, i.e. prime the pen with the 9 units for the morning when I've injected the 4 units of my evening dose. As for keys and also sunglasses I lose those too because I'm simply too disorganised. Surprise, surprise!

I have Lantus twice a day: see my previous reply

My father in law one of the most type A guys on the planet, recommended the ONE spot trick, for keys, glasses. No other place in the house EVER, and they are always there.

Works for lots of stuff. If the cap is OFF, you shot the lantus. If the cap is ON you did not -gentle shrug-. Make it a rigid habit, never, ever change the procedure whatever you decide upon...

I know: my husband tells me continually: maybe that's why I don't do it (ha, ha). Thanks anyway for the suggestions. You're right of course.

I am exactly the same! It is like going to the mall and you are not sure if you locked your car. Injecting 4 times a day over a 17 year period seems like a good enough reason to be excused. I really like the cap.

I wonder how reliable the cap works for different pen types? I use Apidra and Lantus pens. The website links do not all work correctly..not sure if this is anything to go by.

The cap also looks a bit intrusive with "TimeInsulin" written on it. I carry my pen in my top pocket at work. I do not like to discuss my diabetes with strangers or new clients. Do not have time for that.. :)

If any person uses one, please let me know how they work.
I would have to order one as I live is South Africa.

Yes it happens and I just monitor BS and if I start to go unuslally hight - I then figure I must take the missed injection to get back on track asap.

Same here. Glad I'm not alone

I always look to see if my pen needle is unwrapped. Wrapped=didn't inject yet. I keep the needles in my kit until I go to bed.

yes I do sometimes, it is very easy to get distracted- fortunately I have not missed any basal as I don't want to ever experience dka or anything like that again.

What I do is keep a written record of everything- I haven't been doing this the past few days since I was on a trip and I was too tired, but when I do I can go back and see exactly what insulin I took and when if I'm confused.

I also keep a record in my iphone with my IBG Star bg monitor. It has an app which records your bg each time you take it, gives you a chart to look for trends, keeps an average which you can look at anytime and a log record of each days bg. In addition to that you can put in what carbs and insulin were used for each bg, you can add tags for before breakfast, after breakfast, etc., you can add tags for insulin, what you ate, exercise, schedule and general notations. There are some set tags already in the app, and you can also add your own personalized tags.

My only complaint is I would like to be able to put half measurements for carbs and I would like to be able to have more than one insulin type in the official area that records this- if I add long acting there and I'm also taking short acting I need to tag that below, but that is not a big deal really. It lets you label what type you're taking.

I would also like an automatic 2hr reminder alarm for when I need to recheck bg after meals etc. I use my phone alarm for this.

I highly recommend this method for storing your data and keeping track of what you have done- the phone doesn't take as much time as a written log but it still keeps a detailed record for you which you can also email to your doc, or you can print it out and give it to her/him. If I'm not sure what I have done I look at my phone to figure it out.

I want to try timesulin too when they start shipping it to the US.

i am on the PUMP and it has certain features which allow me to see a screen which tells me when my last injection was, what my BS was B4 i gave myself the bolus as well as it having alarms which my endo has set to remind me to eat and to test my BSs. its awsome. my biggist problem is 4getting to eat during a hectic day. the pump gives me a little nudge.

dont know how this will help u as u r on injections (? right). maybe tie a string around your finger or a rubberband around your wrist (and snap it every time u give yourelf a shot; its easy to remember the pain of the rubberband! LOL)