Web based log book?

Apologize in advance if this has been asked, but has anyone come across a good web app to manage their log entries? This app should be mobile device friendly, I just have some on my meter, a paper food log, limited exercise tracking, etc. Here is what im after:

  • Glucose of course (Meter uploads would be nice )
  • Foods eaten (not just a carb number)
  • Exercise (not just a calorie number or time, but what exercises, reps, etc)
  • Pills (insulin would be nice for my type 1 friends as well).

-SSL of course

Anyone find this? Free would be nice but would pay 5-10 a month if it had everything…

Would anyone be interested in a joint development PHP/MySQL or .NET/MSSQL project? I was thinking about writing my own…just not sure how long it would take me alone lol.

This should help:

The BodySigma website takes care of all these features in their logbook. It allows you to enter all the information mentioned in your email, plus our Device Uploader supports 7 blood glucose meters and counting.

Check out the videos for a glimpse into what you can do on our website.

SSL … not quite there yet, but we’re working on it! It will be there soon…

looks interesting, some of the videos didnt load for me however. Have you done any usability testing with older “smart phones” i have a blackberry 8700c and the thing just wont break, even rattling around the floor of my jeep on the black diamond trails lol… I dont want to upgrade the device if i dont have to.

Good idea. I’ll borrow a BB from one of my friends to see how it handles