Does anyone know when the smaller pod will be released?

I heard the second generation omnipod was suppose to be released in March…and its March now. I want the smaller poddd! :slight_smile:

I’m not holding my breath. When they come, they come.

I was at a JDRF function a couple of weeks ago and the omnipod rep there didn’t seem to know what I was talking about when I asked about a smaller pod. Kept telling me the ones on the table are the same size they have always been.

I talked to the Omnipod rep and she said it wasn’t going to happen until sometime next year.

oh boo :frowning:

The initial talks of the smaller pod indicated a release by fall 2009. Then it was spring 2010. Then “late spring” 2010. Then it was the ADA conference (usually June-ish of each year). Then Limited release to certain markets (east coast / west coast maybe? or places like Chicago, etc) in late 2010 (Dec) with a full rollout in Spring 2011.
Now they have indicated that they will be waiting to release the smaller pods as a combo release with the new dexcom integration to the CGM…which still has to go back to the drawing board for more clinical studies b/c Dex wants to use its 4th gen sensor (or whatever the new latest and greatest from them will be…not sure on the correct name). So it is anticipated to be sometime in 2012, but like FHS, I’m not holding my breath. I’d love for a smaller pod, but that won’t make it get here any faster :slight_smile: