New Pod Design?

Does anyone know or has anyone heard if Omnipod is coming out with a new pod design that supposed to be thinner?


That’s the story. But nobody seems to actually know anything more about it. Or have ever seen one.

I’ve heard the same thing too - but nothing yet. I know the Solo pump which is supposed to be the slimmest on the market - when it comes out - may get Omnipod to get their product out sooner. I know I got a demo of the Solo, and it was pretty sleek looking, and I am hoping to be picked to be a test guinea pig this Spring (as I’m sure alot of other people are).

I saw a video at the ADA Scientific Sessions in 2009 where they showed a slimmer pod, indeed: flatter and smaller overall. However, they need to do it in a way that allows for insulin storage w/o exposing it to body heat or outside heat PLUS also leave room on the surface facing the skin for the supply of insulin to be separate enough from the supposed integration they will have with a CGM sensor.

Interesting things to follow!

If you look at the Omnipod forum here, part way down there is a presentation that has been loaded that talks about 2 things: 1) dexcom integration and 2) the smaller pods.
Insulet will be filing “mid 2010” w/ the FDA for these, and should have a “limited rollout” by the end of 2010. So this time next year they should probably be hitting your doorstep. But that’s just my guess.
Anna is right, the solo pump is supposed to be coming out this year, but they are also having ‘issues’ (if you want to call it that). In the beginning they will just be hitting “selected markets” (which means like Chi-town or either Coast’s big cities, if you’re lucky enough to be there). Then after they have basically worked out the kinks (my words not theirs) they will open it up full scale. I wouldn’t expect anything before summer 2010, but again that’s my speculation. I just think when you’re dealing w/ medical products and manufacturing, things go slow…and then when you throw in the FDA’s ‘awesomeness’ on top of that, things are doubly slow. Hope that info helps some.