When are smaller Omnipod's coming?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but has any one heard when the smaller pods are going to be available. I had heard from a reputable source this past summer that the estimate was first half of 2011. Any news? Any pictures of the smaller pod?

So how much less insulin will they hold? I barely use 100units in 3 days and I have to change after 2 b/c of infection and scar tissue so for me that would be good actually. I just started and it has been going well sofar.

Q3 2011

They are smaller in size but not in capacity. I believe it’s still going to hold 200 units, but the electronics have been reworked to take up much less space so that it’s a smaller unit.

I’m still hoping for sooner than Q3, but guess we’ll find out!

Janice provides a link to pics.

I listened to Insulet’s latest webcast and they say Q3 2011 is about how long they need to run a 30 day clinical study and then get approval from FDA.

Thanks for the pic Don! It says limited rollout late 2010, that’s promising. Looks quite a bit smaller. Can’t wait, love the pod, and will love the smaller pod even more!!

That limited roll-out 2010 statement is outdated. :frowning:

Oh well, better late than never…it looks flatter, a little less oval like…thanks again for the picture.

I agree w/ Helmut and Don. The latest news from Insulet is at least Q3 of 2011, but it may end up taking longer than that here in the U.S…

We were told (at the beginning of October) that they would be around 40% smaller. They were at the FDA and they anticipated approval in April 2011. He said that once approved, they would just ship on our next order.

Everything has changed. For the complete story listen to the Q3 earnings call. The FDA came back and requested a small clinical trial. Insulet will now try to roll everything into one big release: smaller pod, new PDA, DexCom integration.

I like how the height of the new pod is reduced. I would have thought the cannula and its automated insertion would not allow that. Nice!

The problem with the roll-out is that it still does NOT have FDA approval. :frowning: What could that problem be??? Here is the link showing the new Pod.

How do we get to participate in the clinical trial? : )

I got a new shipment today and they are not the new ones yet. I was told they are still going to hold 200 units like the old ones do.

There’s a rumor that a new PDM will also be required for the smaller pods. This is apparently due to the new pods using a different rf. Personally, I’d be surprised to see anything before Q1 2012. That said, I’d be happy just to get the current model anytime soon!