Does caffiene have any effect on BG levels

If I want a cup of green tea or a diet coke which both have zero carbs, do they have any effect on BG Levels or are they considered “free foods”

Caffeine will make most people spike. I don’t have an issues with it if I drink just 1/2 cup of coffee, but anything over a cup and I see a definite spike.

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thankfully, diet soda or coffee has no effect on my bg

They are free. If you had milk with your tea or coffee,that might raise your blood sugars, but milkless it should not have much of an affect.

Yeah I thought one cup of tea or 1 diet soda shouldn’t have much of an effect

Caffeine has a bad effect on my BG.

Diet soda caffinated doesn’t affect my BG. Coffee, especially in the morning, spikes my BG and I have to cover for it a unit or two plus for the milk. Tea, doesn’t affect BG so much - very weird. In the afternoon if I drink coffee, I usually only have to cover for the milk.

Green tea – absolutely pure, unadulterated green tea from Japan, spikes me about 30 mg/dl for a 2-cup serving. But everyone’s different, so why don’t you drink a measured amount, and test 30, 60 and 90 minutes after you drink it? That way you’ll know! :slight_smile:

Soda actually will lower mine I notice about a 10-20 BS drop from a 20 oz. Coffee and tea it depends with cream slight spike but nothing major, now if I mess up and put sugar in it (not thinking this morning drank half a cup of coffee regular)