Does Insulet Have a Soul? Like most big corporations - NO!

I have been trying for months to get my Petite 8 year old a new smaller pump. She is very tiny and it would make a significant difference in her day to day life. I called Edgepark Medical - they told me that Insulet had instructed them to NOT sell anymore PDM's (controllers) for the new smaller pods. I have offered to just buy one out right as my insurance will cover the new PODS no problem but I need the controller. I then called Insulet and was informed that all new pod production was being sent to NEW clients only - that existing clients would just have to wait. Loyal customers that started with Omni Pods and help build their customer base are now being penalized for their loyalty and made to wait. I ask them (Insulet) if they could not at least consider the children and babies that the new smaller PODS would make a huge difference too and they said no - as soon as the new demand slowed down then they would start slowly allocating some to the patients using the old system. Again corporate GREED take priority over taking care of current patients and loyal customers. Thanks Insulet for allowing me to watch my little girls suffer for your profits - new technology will arise and competition will come - be sure the road you are paving is the one you want to travel.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get her the new PDM?

Very frustrating, I agree. Insulet's handling of the changeover has been discussed in other threads and it looks like they failed to think through the situation. I don't see it as greed so much as failure to anticipate the issues. I suspect they regret it as much as anyone. They did originally intend to reward loyal customers first but (my speculation) then realized the safety/liability issues of starting new customers on the old system and then shortly thereafter expecting them to master the new system. The FDA may have also had a hand in this. Reminds me of how Abbott inexplicably mishandled the changeover to their new freestyle strips (or whatever it was).

No, sorry, I have no ideas. I understand how you can be angry! What to do??? Don't know. What are these policies??!!

I believe you should get it with the next reorder of supplies (3 month order, that is). It looks like on the omnipod group that is the current MO. You can also order a PDM out of pocket from places like American Diabetes Wholesale:

Although, if you are this unhappy with the company, have you considered a different pump? Many small kiddos seem happy with the ping. Just an idea.

Hope you get some good news soon!