Does OmniPod continue working past 72 hours?


I started using the OmniPod about a month ago and I've heard rumors that after 3 days, it will continue to pump in your basal rate for up to an additional 8 hours (80 hours total) even though it keeps periodically sounding its warning that the pod has expired. I can believe it acts in this manner since even after the pod has reached its advertised 3-day period, you still need to deactivate it before activating a new one. I didn't see any mention of this in the Users Manual and was wondering if any of you out there may have any info on this.


Yes, the 80 hours is the drop dead time where it will give its death wail and stop working. It functions normally up to the point, with the added bonus of giving you an alarm every hour.

I don't recall if the pod needs to be deactivated manually at 80 hours or if you can simply remove, discard, and fire up your next one.

The rumors are true. It will continue to work after the expiration, as long as you don't mind hearing the alarm. Most I've gone over is about 5 hours.