Does the cannula retract?

This may be a dumb question but I’m gonna’ ask anyway. I wore the trial pod for 3 days a couple of weeks ago and was pretty pleased with the feel of it and how well it stayed on. As recommended by many on this site, I removed it right after a shower, but it still took some work to get it to come off. My question is does the cannula retract back into the pod when you de-activate it? I can’t picture myself trying to wrench the pod off my skin with a cannula still inserted, especially if using a site like the lower back where you can’t see it very well during the removal process. Thanks in advance for your replies and advice.

No, the cannula does not retract. After you remove the pod, you should see it sticking out about 3/8 inch below the base of the pod. It is very small, and you should not even be aware of it pulling out as you remove the pod.

Thanks for the info Jim. So is there any technique like pulling from the opposite end of the pod that you would recommend? I had to work that thing pretty hard to get it off.

I usually try to loosen the adhesive from the cannula end and peel back. Try stretching your skin as you peel (kind of like stretching your skin when shaving). That usually helps for me. Lots of people recommend an adhesive remover called De-Solv-It, which is available to most box stores. Try that if you’re still having trouble.

Thanks again for the advice. I’ll give it a try.

I had that exact same thought, that the needle retracts, so why can’t the cannula? I had a fear of it at first, but when pulling it out, I have no problem. I just use uni-solve by smith & nephew when removing the pod, and it comes right out.