Pod partially off adhesive


After 3 mos I finally did it- partially pulled the pod off the adhesive (not the cannula end but the back end of it). Most of the tips I read are for when the adhesive comes off your skin. I “think” I did read a tip that said use liquid band aid to “glue the pod on to itself” which I take to mean to adhere the pod back to it’s adhesive. Right now I just have some fabric tape (like to adhere gauze pads) over the back end of the pod to keep it adhered to me so it doesn’t pull off more. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a shower like that for fear of water getting under the pod and/or the the pod coming more off the adhesive.

Anyone out there with a similar experience and what do you do (besides changing the pod!) to get the pod re-adhered to the adhesive?


I usually just try to tape it down to my body, but I often find I end up having to change the pod out later that day because the cannula starts to pull from the pod weight and it becomes uncomfortable for me.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping I wouldn’t hear that but see that it might be a possibility!

I also just tape it down. I wouldn’t worry about water getting under the pod but it is possible it will fall off. I often lose these pods early just 'cause I’m to worried about them to make them worth keeping on.

Yes, the worry factor here also. I might try the liquid band aid thing just to see what happens. I try not to change pods early unless there is no other choice. I already waste about 30 units of insulin even when changing every 3 days. Looking forward to the new pod that will allow you to fill with less insulin.

I always carry Nexcare Flexible Tape. It holds the pod to my skin as long as I need it too. It is sometimes a tad uncomfortable, but it is effective. I have the advantage of carrying a purse so it’s always with me, but a few bandaids would work as a backup. As long as the cannula end is secured, and the pod is in place, I wouldn’t worry about it. The only times I have had to change early in that sceanario, is if the cannula is moving around too much, causing some irritation and absorption issues.


I think that is actually what I’m currently using. I had surgery a few years ago and needed some tape and I think this is what I purchased. So far so good but I’m wondering about how it will work when taking a shower…

No problem showering…or sweating (I live in South FL.) I’ve not had the tape come off until I pull it. Good luck.

I just looked at my roll of tape and it’s a 3M product so I think I’ll get some of the tape you recommended. Thanks for the advice.

You are welcome. Again, good luck.

We put a Tegaderm patch over the pod when this happens.

I use double faced tape to secure the pod to the adhesive patch before we put a new pod on. It’s a take on the liquid bandaid tip. Just take a new pod and gently lift up on the adhesive patch to find the little spots around the edge where the pod isn’t glued on and add your double faced tape. Works great. We don’t use any other tape at all and the DF tape is of course invisible since it’s under the pod.

It seems like once the pod starts pulling away, it’s a race to see if you can keep the cannula in until day 3.

I was wondering about dbl sided tape. I decided to try some “mounting squares”, small double stick sided thin foam squares. I plan to just put one under the pod and press down to see how that works.

I have also used Tegaderm the one time I had this happen, it worked ~ but that stuff is expensive. Maybe next time I will just try duct tape = ).

When that happens to me I just use duct tape. I cut a small piece and put it in a small circle to make it like double sided tape. It works great.

I cut Opsite into strips and tape the pod directly to my skin. Works great. I’ve never had a problem keeping the pod on until the next change.

On the spots that I know I have a tendency to bang the pod around, I’ll use Opsite to keep the pod from being knocked off the adhesive.

Hot glue gun. It only tingles for a second or two, but it works.

I know it is against the “rules” but I just use the new syringe and draw out the extra from the old pod and put it in the new one after drawing the full amount from the vial. I’ve been doing it for about 6 months with no issues. My rule of thumb is that if it shows below 10 units I don’t worry about it.

I did pretty much the same thing on cartridges for my Cozmore and Ping for 5-6 years without mishap. If I knew I would run out in the next several hours I would just disconnect the cartridge from the pump put in more insulin and reattach it; although we don’t have that option with the Pods.

To each their own.

The couple of times I’ve had that issue I just put a drop or two of superglue between the pod and the adhesive. Fortunately it doesn’t have time to seep through the adhesive material before it dries. It then pulls of later just as it always does.

Hi all who replied,

Thanks for all of your input. It helped. I made it through by just using the fabric tape. Sorry for not replying sooner but things have been hectic here-wife has been sick for almost a month and now we are getting ready to start a used bookstore.