Does the Hard-sided belt clip case for PDM200 hold the PDM with the skin on?

Has anyone bought the 2nd generatoin hard-sided belt case - and does it hold the PDM with the skin on? Is it hard to get out?

I still think clipping the PDM to my belt will be easier than using the case - but for the times when I am working in the garden and the Omnipod is integrated with the dexcom - I was thinking I may want to purchase the case for full protection.

Then again, I may continue to use my current dexcom receiver which I wear on my waist with the first generation belt clip case - it is the perfect size for the Dex. Stays on much better than the current dexcom belt clip too.

I bought the hard case for my daughter because I like to have the screen protected when it’s in her purse. We haven’t tried to put it in the case with the skin, but it’s a tight fight without the skin (so it doesn’t fall out if you’re wearing it), so my guess is it won’t fit with the skin.

like serena said, its already a tight fit. its great for being active or even daily use, but with the skin on, i doubt it would fit