New Hard Belt Clip Case

I just got the new hard belt clip case in the mail and it fits the second gen PDM perfectly. Definitely worth $20.

I didn’t even know there was a hard clip case coming! Does it or will it hold the PDM with the skin on? Just curious. My son is 17 and up to now has toted a small camera case with his stuff in it. He is understandably getting tired of that. Do you simply carry the rest of the stuff in your pockets? I imagine this seems like a silly question. My son has only been pumping for 6 months

I have a hard case also. It gave me problems on the arm rest on my seat when I was on a flight. The clip is only glued to the case and can get knocked off rather easily. I glued it back on only to come undone again. I bought a Samsung phone case at the Verizon phone store. It works great for both the PDM and my Dexcom receiver which every I chose to use it for.

I don’t know if it’s exactly new, I upgraded from the old PDM and when I did I had to use the old PDM hard case. Since then they’ve started selling a new hard case that fits the second gen PDM. The fit is pretty tight with the skin on, I got it in but I’ve actually never used the skin.

So I have 3 different setups that I use pretty consistently, to carry my testing and pump stuff around:
If I’m going out, for example to bar or or sporting event:
I just take the PDM in its hard case stuck on a pant pocket and a small snack size zip-lock bag with a lancet device and some test strips, that way I can fit everything in my pockets.

If I’m going to work or most other places:
I bring my PDM in the hard case and a freestyle meter in it’s little case with the test strips and the lancet device but put it all in my messenger bag . This way if I want to bring my PDM with to a meeting or something I can just grab it. I also like to test with my freestyle for some reason, it’s just a habit that I find difficult to break.

I bring my PDM without the hard case wrapped in some soft stuff like my goggle bag and my freestyle meter in its case with a handwarmer stuck in it’s little zipper pocket (keeps it warm so it doesn’t stop working in the cold).

I think every situation/person is a little different, I generally try to bring as little as possible, but that’s just me. I’m sure your son will figure out a system that he likes.

When I fly I usually just clip it to the magazine holder on the seat back in front of me, I don’t really like things clipped to my waist area when I’m sitting.

Sucks you lost the clip on one of the cases. I tried a blackberry case once but I couldn’t find one that fit well. I actually suggested to Omnipod before they released the 2nd gen that they find a really popular smart phone and give the PDM the exact same dimensions that way it would fit perfect in that cell phone’s cases. The other problem I’ve run into is I like to keep test strips in the little pocket in the back of the PDM case, and most of the cell phone cases don’t have a pocket like that. What Samsung case did you find that works well?

I do not have a item# for it. It fits both the PDM and the Dexcom very well. It is black leather with a magnet latch closure.