Omnipod Accessories - Belt Clip

I am thinking about ordering the Omnipod "Hard-sided Belt Clip Case for PDM Model UST200" thinking that it will also work with my UST400, but there is only one photo of it on the website. Anyone own one? Any recommendations? Does it provide any protection to the front of the device (screen/buttons)?


I have one. It's very sturdy, and protects it very well on all sides. That with my Dexcom and cell phone though, I start to feel like Batman or something with all the things on my belt :)

Thanks for the reply, Do you happen to have a photo of it? Also, I know the feeling…I carry a pager for work and sometimes carry an IPad around to increase work efficiency on busy days - way too many portable electronics in my life.

Not trying to be rude, but what is the purpose of carrying it in the holster, when you still have the strips and lancet to carry? I can't think of a reason unless you work at a place you are always going someplace in the building and if an alarm goes off you can stop it other than that can't seem to find a reason. I am very curious to know.

Hey dishers2. If you are asking the purpose of carrying the dex in a holster, I know that when my daughter wore one, if the remote was far away from her for long enough, it would lose signal which often lead to difficulty re pairin and accuracy would suffer. Happy day.

That makes sense also good to know, I was actually referring to the PDM (omnipod).
Thanks for your reply and will try to have a happy day. :-)

I suppose it frees up some pocket space! Things can get bulky with test strips, lancer, wallet, cell phone, etc.

I'm always on the move at work. Often only at my desk for morning/evening paperwork and to eat lunch. I currently just keep the PDM in my pocket, but am slightly worried I'm going to break the screen if it jumps out of my pocket or I take a corner tight.

I do agree that it would be more ideal to have a compact way to carry the strips and lancet too. But I feel more comfortable leaving those at my desk; at least if i have the PDM I can give a bolus if I stop for coffee/snack while on the go.

I understand the reasoning for the belt clip for that reason. I also put a screen protector on mine but have not heard of anyone else doing that although there must be people that do that.