Donating Supplies to Those in Need

I spent much of Sunday tracking reports from Jamaica as Hurricane Dean unleashed 145 mph winds on the island. Although Jamaica was spared a direct hit, Dean is projected to become a Category 5 storm as it heads towards Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

Although you can provide financial donations, there is another way that people with diabetes can help those in the Caribbean. Insulin for Life is an organization that donates insulin, pens, syringes, test strips and other supplies to people with diabetes affected by disasters. If you are in the US, you can send your unused supplies to the Oklahoma Diabetes Center.

Thanks for sharing this information, Lara! It’s an excellent initiative and I will make sure to look around for supplies that I can spare.

I have quite a chunk of syringes I have in stock, since I started pumping.

Thank you for the info! My daughter just switched from NPH to Lantus and I was looking for a place to donate the unopened NPH.