More than 300K people with diabetes in Haiti need our help

We’ve all heard about the tragic news of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti.

Someone on Twitter asked how many people have diabetes in Haiti. According to the Diabetes Atlas, published by the International Diabetes Federation, the number is approximately 313,000 people.

Today, those people are hurting and dying every minute and WE can make a difference.

I asked Ron Raab, President of Insulin for Life (an NGO that receives donations to help people worldwide who cannot afford insulin and diabetes supplies) what was being done to help people with diabetes in Haiti. This is what he replied a few minutes ago:

“We have today sent 2 parcels (1370 mls insulin and strips, meters, lancets, pens, pen needles, syringes) by DHL to Haiti, after talking with them by phone. The supplies should arrive in 4 days.

We have a destination and active senior contacts there. We will need funds to cover the transport and handling costs of our sending ongoing donated supplies there. Donations can be via Pay Pal via our site”

So, please donate generously: we can help save lives of people with diabetes in Haiti. Go to and make a donation.

If you click on the Donate Now button on, it will take you to a PayPal page where donations are calculated in Australian Dollars (the Insulin For Life HQ is based in Australia). As of this post, 50 Australian dollars = US$46.50, so you can do your math before you donate.

Thank you, Manny. Been worrying about people with diseases amid this devastation. We can definitely make a difference.

Please anyone who can help, please donate.

I’ve donated already $$$ wise, and helping get out medical supplies with a group here in Montreal. We have a large Haitian community where I live here in the 'burbs and also here in the province of Quebec, and we are all in great shock. I may not be able to speak French very well to them, but heck, there is no language barrier when something like this hits a country and we all get together to give a helping hand!!

One thing Manny, I met up with a nurse last week, who was from Haiti (wrote a blog about my meeting him). We got discussing about diabetes, and in Haiti, high blood pressure is more the concern in their country then diabetes. I was surprised by that, but then it got me thinking, maybe there are alot of people there who are unaware that they have diabetes. Something to think over.

Incidence of diabetes in Haiti is lower than world average (a bit over 5%), but with this humanitarian crisis, people are dying by the minute. With an earthquake like this one, PWD who are insulin-dependent are particularly fragile.

Thanks for posting Manny ; I am glad you did …we plan to go our local ( Canadian ) Salvation Army office tomorrow .
I may sound cheeky ( word appropiate ??) but we like a tax receipt …when/if we do , we have more to donate back .
Canadian Government will , besides what they promised to date , meet the Canadian public’s donation figures , ie dollar for dollar .
Our Governor General , Michaelle Jean , the Queens’s Representative hails from Haiti .
Canadians have lost their lives , some are missing .

Another update from Ron Raab, for US-based folks, in case you are considering sending in insulin/supplies instead of making a financial donation:
"… before sending any donated supplies they should first confirm with Dr Alicia Jenkins, Board Member of Insulin for Life, and Manager of Insulin for Life USA. This is important.

Donated, unopened and in-date (with at least 5 months to use-by date) supplies can be sent to (after confirming with Dr Jenkins) to:

Insulin for Life USA
PO Box 2840
Oklahoma City,
OK 73101 - USA"

Thank You, Manny!

I was wondering when this was gonna come up… :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it.

This is just wonderful! I am so happy that you have posted this! Thank you, thank you!!!

Not diabetes related but there is a need for potable water:

Thanks for posting. I just sent a donation. While most people want to help Haiti in some way, they don’t think about the special needs of people with diabetes. I had been wondering what kind of assistance was available for them. I am glad to know that Insulin for Life is getting supplies to Haiti for those who need it.

I agree that diabetics need help, but I think we should for once forget about diabetes. Haiti needs the basics of life for all the children and families. The people are dying from things like broken legs because their is no medicine or medical care. They are even doing amputations while the patient is still awake.

I believe that everyone here should look beyond their personal crusade and give what ever than can, to help everyone. Did you see the 18 month old baby, she doesn’t seem to have diabetes…can’t we just give to help her and all the others like her. Sorry for venting, but I am so moved especially when it involves children.

$10 by cell phone to help and it only takes a minute. Can you imagine if everyone here just text to the red cross, or any non profit, we would really show that we care for everyone whether they have diabetes or not. Red Cross is where I’ve been sending texts to. Every time I want a starbucks…I text my contribution to Haiti…No Starbucks for me.

Once we have gotten better in Haiti…then I’ll blow my horn for diabetic issues.

Let’s help however we can. We just started this topic here, since we are all touched by diabetes, but I agree that Haiti needs ANY help it can get.

Oh, yes. Great contact, thanks.

I cried when I heard Michaelle Jean our Governor General talking on the radio yesterday, it just broke my heart, as she feels hopeless here, but countries from all over the world are sending help! I heard on the news tonight that about 1,400 Canadians may have lost their lives. Sigh.

Donations to IFL are tax deductible. They will give you a receipt. I have worked with IFL for the past 5 years. One of their Australian volunteers comes to a camp in Ecuador for children with diabetes, a camp where I also volunteer.I can assure you IFL is well respected world wide.
I like the fact that IFL’s donations are going to a specific contact in Haiti. That will help to ensure that the supplies are distributed properly.
For type 1 diabetics, dying from lack of insulin is a very painful death.

Do you know if accepts humalog pens and pen needles. I didn’t see it on their list but have emailed them to check before I send some lantus and syringes. And thanks Manny for stating that they can use any help because I’m planning on sending more money to the red cross.

by the way Manny, I saw that you mentioned the pens, but for some reason they are not showing it on their site.

Just read about this:
"IDF establishes Diabetes Trust Fund for Haiti

Many member associations have contacted the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) concerned about the safety of the national diabetes association in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. We are also receiving offers of support for the Haitian Foundation for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases (Fondation Haitienne de Diabete et de Maladies Cardio-Vasculaires) in these very challenging times.

I wanted to let you know that we have heard from the association in Haiti and that amongst the widespread tragedy there is good news. Communicating by email, association vice-president Philippe Larco said, "We have survived the earthquake which affected almost 3 million Haitians with hundreds of thousands dead. The president of the foundation Dr Rene Charles and his wife are fine.

Sadly, we have also heard that some association members have lost family members. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and with the people of Haiti as they struggle to come to terms with the loss and devastation brought by this natural disaster.

In his email, Mr Larco added: “We are ready to receive diabetes supplies and distribute it in the best possible way to people with diabetes through our network.”

IDF and Insulin for Life have joined together to launch a relief effort for people with diabetes in quake-stricken Haiti. A shipment of insulin, meters, test strips and other supplies has been rushed to the Haitian Diabetes association. The foundation houses the only dedicated diabetes clinic in Haiti, which is understood to still be standing."

More details:

Thanks for this info Manny! Do you have a sense as to what would be more helpful–donating supplies, or cash? Thanks for helping us to make a difference!