Don't know what to do

My name is Joe and I just signed up to be a member of this website a couple of days ago. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 11 years now and I feel like I am more upset about it now than I ever have been. I honestly hate the life that I live and it is all because of diabetes. I have never really talked to other diabetics about the disease because I have always wanted to seperate myself from the whole diabetic culture. I am 25 now and I really do not know what to do, so that is why I thought I would try to see if I could find some sort of help from other people who live with this disease. I don't want to write too many negative things on how I feel about living with the disease on this main page but I know that I do need help, so if anybody is willing to try to help me please let me know.

Diabetes certainly s*cks. I don’t know how I can help you, but I’m willing to try. You must know that you are not alone.


People here are always willing to help, so don’t be shy about asking specific questions. Please feel free to start a discussion in the Forum section. Blogs don’t get as much response because blogs are added by members constantly.

There’s a wealth of info here, so you can also find a lot of topics using the search feature at the righthand top of every page.

Definitely start a forum discussion as Gerri suggests. One of the things that is clear to me from reading a lot on this site is that your feelings are shared by many. And many hit times in life when the disease seems overwhelming and intrusive. People on this site are super supportive. I think if you start a forum and ask about how others have made it through the really rough periods, you’ll get some ideas of how to work through this. For me, one of the best things about this community has been learning that my experiences and feelings are understood by others.

You came to a good site. A broad spectrum of problems and attitudes are aired here. I was diagnosed just a few years ago and must confront living my remaining time in the shadow of D. I am 81. I find significant comfort in this community as none of my cdlose family have D in common. All the best.

I recently found this site as well. I too am finding myself a bit disgruntled with my Diabetes and after a recent hospitalization I am trying to find a way to be more positive about things and get under control. You are not alone. Feel free to message me if there is anything you want to vent about, not sure what I can help with but I am willing to try.

Welcome to the site! I was in the same boat as you were a few years back. Now that I have the CGM and I am on I:C ratio and awaiting for my pump, I am more at ease with the disease than I was when I first started. The people here are really nice and they were patient with me with every little question I have asked. I even took a break from the site and came back with better perspective.

So again, welcome!


I will help you in anyway you need! I’ve been a Type 1 for 37 years and when I was younger I had pretty much the same problems your not saying here. I know YOU CAN DO IT!!! Hey I’m now 47 so theres a light at the end of the tunnel! Please just come over to my page anytime!

Welcome!! We will all try to help you. Sending a friend request your way :slight_smile:

So happy you have a forum to vent your anger and frustration. I imagine the majority of diabetics feel or have felt the same way you do now. I know that I did for the 1st 20 years and still do now when I get emotionally stressed. Unless you live with this disease, you have no idea how difficult, confusing and life consuming diabetes can be. Please keep writing, asking questions, and reading and you have a great chance of being who and what you want to be in spite of this disease. One foot in front of the other, my friend.

Welcome to our community! You are certainly not alone… Diabetes SUCKS big time… And none of us like belonging to that club! But hey, we are HERE for you… and you can ask us anything you want… and we’ll be glad to give you as much direction as we can… One of us has been there, for sure! :slight_smile:

I feel a lot like you do Joe. Maybe we can be of a help to each other since we’re around the same age. I never really talk to other diabetics about the disease, but maybe it would help.

I feel much like you do. Diabetes is a very private part of my life. I share it with very few people. My husband, my sisters and my co workers who are my friends.

I think a lot of my extended family find me to be cold and aloof and not very friendly or social. Especially my husbands family - my mother in law and sister in laws.

A lot of times it is because my blood sugar is low, too high, I have a migraine or I just don't feel right. When any of these things happen I tend to stop talking and focus on my health and what I am going to do to feel better at that moment.

Unless you are diabetic, no one else is going to understand what you go through 24/7. Nothing you do will ever make this disease go away. You are stuck with it for the rest of your life!

So go ahead and complain!


Joe I know where you are at, trust me I do. The polluted feeling I get when it is high and the anxiety when it low.. I am also new to this site too. I have already spend a lot of time on here just reading about people like me, stuff they do and deal with every day and how to just plain get along with this damn disease. There is a common thread that binds every one of us together..that challenges us.. makes us grow.. makes us want to beat this disease. you can do this, so can I. Welcome!!

Welcome to the club you didn't want to be in (nobody wants to be in it--but here we are).

There was a time in my life when I didn't know there WAS a "whole diabetic culture." I'm glad that through this site, Twitter, etc., I came to realize that I'm not alone. Having friends with diabetes makes every success and every set back a lot easier to deal with.

And what they may lack in beta cells, my diabetes friends sure make up for with humor. For instance, ever heard of Blunt Lancet? Read this:

Hi Joe! I am 24 years old and it will be 11 years this coming April. So Im kinda right where you are. If definetly gets me down some days and other days are just normal annoying days with the disease. I am always here to listen and talk. Its nice to have someone the same age with D who can relate to all that we deal with everyday! No when gets it unless they are in our shoes. Try to stay positive eventho I know its hard!

Hey Joe! Welcome to TuD. I actually felt similar to the way you feel. I just turned 26 in October which also marked my 19 years of being D. I have found that having people in your life that understand or are just willing to listen really helps. Even if I need to teach them something in the process. I feel better when I can just ■■■■■ about how much my day sucked because of D and someone is there to listen. I would love to listen!!

Welcome aboard, Joe! You've come to the right place. I know exactly what you are going though. I had denial big time. I was miserable. I got very depressed. I was having terrifying lows (depression and low blood glucose messed me up). I decided I needed to get serious. There were millions of people living well with this disease. I got born again. What helped me was getting educated. I read "Using Insulin" by John Walsh and that got the ball rolling. I had to stop hating this thing. I had to accept that this was my thing, lots of people in this world have their own other thing, and this one was NOT fatal if handled reasonably. The answer to the "why me?" thing came to me as another question: why not me? We live in an imperfect world. I suppose you could look at it as an over-achieving immune system.

Burnout isn't uncommon at this point. I was where you are now when I was in my mid- to late-20's. You will get your groove back.

This is really the place to vent. We SO get it.