Don't let being diabetic stop you from being the best

This Thanksgiving, I have alot to be greatful for being my best as a grandmother, my new baby grandson was born on Friday the 14th. Unfortunedly, he’ll be in the hospital till at least another week or so cause he was born 6 weeks early but has a great wet of lungs. This is Timothy’s little brother, now Timothy was born with kidney disease and at 7 weeks old, His mother left him for dead in the hospital. So I took control of the situation and have been raising him for almost 4 years. His father is my oldest son, who after his wife left went into depression real deep up until a year and a half ago started helping me raise Timothy again…
I wasn’t going to let my sickness get in the way of giving this beautiful little boy a home. Now my daughter has a daughter who was born on my bday January the 29th and she’ll be two. Helping her with her daughter too. Now we have a new addition. I will do my best for him too.
My other son in the Navy, Johnny is overseas right now. I worry about him alot but I’m greatful for such a fine man he has become. Words I will never forget is when he said that all he wants is to become just like me - A STRONG PERSON.
My other daughter, Raquel, lives in Bastrop about 40 miles away from me. She started living with her dad over a year ago. And yes, it was hard but I know what I taught in her and to be a strong young woman who has a handicapp just like me…severe hearing loss. She’s 16 and beautiful with life.
Like I was saying about my oldest, Phillip, he’s come a long way and now has a caring and loving wife who just gave him a son. For him, I only hope the best for him to stay on the right path.
Now, the other stuff I’m greatful for are my husband, the juvenil diabetes foundation that we volunteer for raising thousands for over 8 years now, the churches that we played Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus for donating toys and food and helping with small bills for needy families.
Having Diabetes has not stopped me, it just made me alot stronger and more appreciative of life. Making more beautiful memories is what I’m greatful for. Be the best of the best cause it feeds your soul knowing you are doing the best you can of life. Enjoy, my friends. Sharing this with all of you’ll is what I’m greatful for too…Like I always say lots of beautiful smiles to you from me always…Patti