Time away, Life is busy

Ok, so I've been away for a short bit but I'm on a mission every angle of my life. I always have you all by my side when I'm out there advocating and volunteering. I know that besides being online, I need to be out there in action. Action speaks louder than words. So true. I posted some pics of a couple of events in my life that fullfills my time. One was my grandson's early bday party at school, he's a Xmas eve baby. The next is the Xmas party for the Sickle Cell children at the Lady Longhorn's Luncheon Area. Special guests were the Lady Longhorns and they put off a very special presence for these children.

I got to know the president of the Sickle Cell Foundation, as we were talking she mention to me that she wanted to have lunch with me because of the diabetes being connected to Sickle Cell. I told her, I was honored to do so. That my devotion to Tudiabetes is to spread the awareness of this disease. Her and I have one goal that is identical and that is to find a cure for the diseases.

I surround myself with people who have the same desires as I do. I only hope that the day I die, I will experience the miracles of seeing the cures of these diseases. I truely anticipate every offer I get to help volunteer for a cause. When I come home after doing an event, I feel like I’m on top of the world. It helps me to deal with the disease.

Helps me to be humble. Especially around Xmas, and the meanings of this very special holiday. A live Xmas tree with all the decorations and a large set of the Nativity is special to my heart. The turning of my grandson to be 5 is a miracle, when he was left to die in the hospital by his real mother when he was 7 weeks old by his mother…my ex daughter in law.

I don’t think anything negative on her anymore cause I realized that had she not done what she did, I wouldn’t of have the pleasure and the experience of being with such a strong young baby boy. He calls me…Mommy. I hold that to my heart everyday. I love this young baby boy so much that I fight to spread awareness of what happens when you don’t take care of yourself when you are pregnant. Because of that I will have to go thru some agonising moments with my grandson when his kidneys shut down about the time of him to be in his pre teens. I hope by that time there’ll be a transplant in his favor. God bless.

Even with life so busy, there are alot of blessings. Whether volunteering, advocating, sharing, blogging, fighting, or just at home loving your family…you are blessed.

Keep up the fight, don’t give up and don’t give in…we will win. Patti lopez

XO great blog, thanks for sharing.

I have a lot of admiration for you.God bless you for stepping in for your grandson.Lots of luck to you and your family and have a wonderful Christmas.Take care!!!

Wow Patti, you certainly are on many missions. I sure give you much credit for your compassionate work and a Big pat on your back. You must meet some Wonderful People.

I hope you do to.

Great photos. It’s Nice to see them. Your Grandson is a Handsome Boy. I’m sorry to hear of his situation. That is Very sad and unfair. I hope and pray that he will receive a transplant. He has to.

I must have missed something(not the first time). I hadn’t heard that Diabetes was connected to Sickle Cell.

Merrry Christmas. Peace to you and yours. God Bless!!